WAGroups Pro CMS - Share Invite Links of Whatsapp Groups

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WAGroups Pro CMS Details :
WAGroups is a Powerful CMS to Share Group Invite Links of Whatsapp through the Website Over the Internet with the Unlimited Users. In this CMS Users can Add their Own Unlimited Groups Invite Link of Whatsapp using this CMS on the Website and can Reach up to Unlimited Users. This WAGroups CMS is Most Popular on the Internet and No.1 CMS for Share Group Invite Links of Whatsapp. This CMS has Lots of Features and also We're Improving Its Features Day by Day to Provide You Best Experience.
This CMS has Cool and Responsive Design and Favourites of the All Users on the Whole Internet. In this CMS We Provides Administrator Panel to Manage Categories for Groups of Invite Links for Whatsapp and You Can Easily Update and Delete Any Categories. Also Option to Manage Groups Invite Links for Whatsapp and You Can Easily Update and Delete Any Groups of Invite Links for Whatsapp. Users Can Contact You from Main Website Using Contact Form and You can See All the Messages Sends by Users from Admin Panel. Users Can Add Their Groups Invite Link using this CMS on Website to Reach Out More People on their Whatsapp Groups and can Connect with the Large Number of the Users Family on their Own Whatsapp Groups. Also Users Can Browse All Added Groups Invite Links on Website and Can Access Each Groups and Join Them as His Choice of Whatsapp Groups.
Demo :

Controls for Users :
• Add Unlimited Groups Invite Links
• Browse Unlimited Groups Invite Links
• Access and Join Unlimited Groups Invite Links
• Send Message to Admin through Contact Form on Website
• Send Suggestions to Admin through Suggestion Form on Website

Controls for Administrators :
• Login to Administrator Panel
• Add and Update Categories for Whatsapp Groups
• Add and Manage Whatsapp Groups Invite Links on the Website
• View All Contact Messages and Suggestion Messages Sends by Users

Features of MLM Software :
• Bootstrap 3.x Used (Open Source)
• Admin LTE 2.x Used (Open Source)
• No.1 and Favourites Design on Internet
• Responsive for All Devices and Browsers
• Magical Load More Groups on Home Page
• Add Unlimited Categories for Whatsapp Groups
• Add Unlimited Group Invite Links of Whatsapp Groups
• Validation of Real Group Invite Link of Whatsapp Groups
• Auto Fetch Group Icon and Title for Given Invite Links of Whatsapp
• Google Adsense Advertisements and Other Advertisements Integrations

Requirements (Live) :
• Linux Hosting (Latest Version)
• MySQL Database (Latest Version)
• Working and Active Domain Names

Requirements (LocalHost) :
• LocalHost Server (Wamp or Xamp)
• PHP Version 7.x and MySQL Version 5.x
• PHP Code Editors (Visual Code, Atom, Sublime)

WAGroups CMS Installation Process :
• Purchase Code from Genuine Developers (DomainsRock India)
• Download the Purchased Code File
• Create MySQL Database and Database Users
• Open PhpMyAdmin and Import Database File Given in this CMS
• Upload the Code File on Your Website's Hosting
• Unzip or Extract the File on Path Where You Need to Install
• Update Database Connection Settings : application > config > database.php
• Update Your Website Application Path : application > config > config.php
• Update Your Website's Basic Details : application > views > templates > config > config.php
• Run Your Website and Check Everything is Installed Perfectly. Installation Completed!