Drivool 890-IN Vehicle GPS Device tracker (Made-in-India), Real-time locator, Fast-latching, Robust, on Indian secured server.

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₹ 2,549

Drivool 890-IN FEATURES:
[1.] ROBUST, Quick-start-up, Fast satellite-latching, Made-in-India, Secured Indian server (Drivool), Multi-Protocol, Waterproof.
[2.] Mini GPS Device. Wide ranging and smooth Real-Time vehicle location tracking (with Satellite/Road/Terrain/Hybrid Road map view).
[3.] Device can be used in Car, Bike, Auto, Truck, Bus, Mini Van, Motorcycle, Boat, Ship, SUV, or any kind of Vehicle. ST901 or MT01 are another version of same device.
[4.] Device works with any 2G data SIM. If you have 3G/4G SIM, ask your SIM operator to enable 2G service in your 3G/4G SIM, they will do it for you.
[5.] Android/iOS/Web APP available to track vehicle live on Indian server “Drivool uMove”.
[6.] ACC detect ignition (with orange wire).
[7.] WhatsApp Quick Sharing, History Route Playback, Overspeed Alarm, Multi-User option, Multi-vehicle Tracking, Dashboard Reporting, Custom point-of-Interest plotting, Speed Alert, Geofencing, Instant push notifications, multiple Alerts notification options.
[8.] CUSTOMER CARE: 24/7 reliable full customer support. Quick help via WhatsApp live chat or WhatsApp for GPS device installation.
[9.] Easy and detailed Picture user manual are attached with GPS Device.

If you making enterprise software for GPS tracking using these devices, consult Drivool for data API and vital software components. (3-Months uMove App Subscription included, later will be charged annually on a very minimum charge). For more details Contact us @WhatsApp: +91 7760358185