Curability Consultation


Stress, disappointment, losing hope to get cured, if you’re feeling any of these emotions about your disease and if your mind is clouded with questions like :

Is my disease curable?

In how many days will I get cured completely?
Is the treatment permanent?
What are the treatment options?
What will be expected expense for treatment ?
Is homeopathy right for me? And so on....

A curability consultation with Dr. Ravi will help you get the clarity about your problems and find out if there is hope for you. This curability consultation is a 5-15 minutes very interactive session where he listens to you & understands your pains and then give you his expert consultation about your curability.
This will be a 5-10 minutes face to face, phone, skype, Whatsapp, facetime video consultation to know more about curability about disease and basic consultation. One can ask certain questions about his/her disease. You will also receive information for possible online treatment procedure. You will not receive any prescription.
If you will opt our treatment within one week of curability consultation, this amount may be adjusted in treatment plan.