Entrepreneurship Training Program (Online)


Basic Entrepreneurship Training Program (Online)
DURATION: Approx 40 Hours (Recorded Video & Live Session)

Should have interest in learning business processes and fundamentals along with zeal to grow.

Unit 1:
(a) Introduction to Entrepreneurship:
(b) Meaning and importance of entrepreneurship.
(c) The concept of entrepreneurship.

(d) The history of entrepreneurship development.

Unit 2: The Entrepreneur:
(a) Meaning of entrepreneur,
(b)The skills required to be an entrepreneur,
(c)The entrepreneurial decision process,
(d)Role models, mentors and support system

Unit 3: Role of entrepreneurship:
(a)Role of entrepreneurship in economic development,
(b) Agencies in entrepreneurship management
(c) Future of entrepreneurship.

Unit 4: Business Opportunity Identification:
(a)Business ideas,
(b) Methods of generating ideas,
(c) Opportunity recognition

Unit 5: Preparing a Business Plan:
(a)Meaning and significance of a business plan,
(b) Components of a business plan,
(c) Feasibility study.

Unit 6: Factors influencing entrepreneurship:
(a)Psychological factors

(b)Social factors
(c) Economic factor
(d) Environmental factors

Unit 7: Proper implementation and guidelines:
(a) Finance management
(b) Strategy designing
(C) Successful implementation and outcome analysis.

Unit 8: SOP
(a) Importance of SOP
(b)How To prepare SOP’s
(c)Few Examples With Demo

Unit 9: How to scale the business
(a)Why scaling the business is important
(b)Important steps
(c)How to prepare a perfect strategy

Unit 10: How to get more customers/revenue
(a)AIDA model
(b)Perfect marketing & sales strategy
(c)Importance of online marketing

Unit 10: Essential skills for an entrepreneur
(a)Effective writing & communication
(b)Body language & presentation

(a) Various formats of JD (10+)
(b) The right method of recruitment (Session)
(c) Team management (Session)

Medium – Hindi & English

Expected Learning Outcomes From The Training Program
As it’s a basic home study model course so after this course you’ll be able
To develop the right mindset for entrepreneurship
To learn basic & important business processes
How to sustain in any business
How to achieve extra growth

Varun Surana