EG File Encryption 1.6

  • Compressed File
  • 18 MB

Encrypt your important files or folders and decrypt them easily whenever they need to be
accessed,with the help of EG FILE ENCRYPTION , a minimalistic and simple-to-use application.
1) Straightforward encryption utility,
2) Fast and easy-to-use application.

 What is EG File Encryption?
“EG File Encryption” is a software to encrypt files/folders. This software is easy, simple to use and absolutely free. You can encrypt your important, sensitive files/folders and make safe them from being accessed. Encryption is a best and powerful tool to make the data safe from being accessed. Here encrypted files/folders can be renamed, deleted but cannot be accessed.

Currently, this software is available only for windows operating system (e.g. Windows XP, Windows7, Windows8, and Windows10).

If you forget your password we will not be able to help you in any situation. So please keep your password safe.
If someone changes the name of encrypted file/folder then go to settings and uncheck option “Encrypt File Name” and then decrypt the file. In case of folder the decrypted file will be a “zip” file. In this case you have to put the proper extension (extension of the file before the encryption) on the decrypted file.
If you put an extension “.efe” on any file and try to decrypt then it will be decrypted. Now to get the original file you have to encrypt the decrypted file. In this case, keep the option “Encrypt File Name” unchecked.
A file/folder must be accessible before the encryption process else errors may occur.

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