EG Folder Lock 1.6

  • Compressed File
  • 18 MB

Secure your sensitive data with the help of EG FOLDER LOCK that allows to lock folders
so that they cannot be accessed, moved, copied or deleted without a master password.
1) Intuitive installation and log in processes,
2) Just Log in with a password, choose folder and lock only in a single mouse click.
3) Lock folders without having to go through overly-complicated procedures.

This is an easy, simple, user friendly, fast and absolutely free software used to lock your important, sensitive folder (A folder contains folders, files, documents, images, videos etc.) on your computer. The folder is password protected and cannot be copied, accessed, renamed and deleted without the correct password. Also the software cannot be uninstalled without the correct password.

The Locked Folder cannot be accessed from shortcuts, recent documents files/folders, command prompt, changing drive letter, safe mode, booting from another computer via virtual box or other means.

Currently, this software is available only for windows operating system (e.g. Windows XP, Windows7, Windows8, and Windows10).

NOTE: If you forget your password we will not be able to help you in any situation. So please keep your password safe.

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