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The Online Live training will be given by Mr. Kanakadri Alla, who has 16+ years of trading experience across global financial markets.

Profile :
Mr. Kanakadri Alla, CEO & Founder of Elitexservices LLC (Dubai), basically a Software Engineer worked for a MNC- GMR Group of Industries, Hyderabad, India.
He has began his trading career in the year 2003 in the world's largest financial market - FOREX. While learning to trade forex independently on his own , he got trained-up by world's the best forex professional traders and Gurus in HongKong & Bangkok.

Driven by his desire to share his trading experiences and ideas, Kanakadri Alla started giving training to newbies in Forex/Stock markets and successful trading strategies to already existing traders / fund managers across India, China, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, UAE, Muscat, Kenya etc
With his versatile experience in Forex, Commodities and Equity/Shares trading in national and International markets, he developed a proprietary trading software called AKTrend which works based on Price Action only WITHOUT using Indicators, Candles, Time Frames and is giving 80-85% success rate from last several years. He made trading easy with AKTrend for ANY type of markets and for ANY type of traders who wants to take Trading as their career or second source of Income.

His trading philosophy is "Trading should be simple"- Plan your trade & Trade your plan.

Achievements :
He got “The Best Trend Catcher” award for AKTrend at 9th SAUDI MONEY Expo and Conferences 2016 April 22nd - 23rd 2016, Crowne Plaza Hotel - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Also got “Best Proprietary Software” award by Sterling Financial Brokers, Dubai (UAE) in 2015.*

He has written an e-book called “ My Trade Book v3.1” – a must to have manual for all Traders.