Network Marketing Success (Step by Step Guide in Bengali for Network Marketing Business)

₹ 4,990

Direct Selling or Network Marketing is being recognised as 21st Century Business.

In this course, you will learn how to do network marketing business using both offline and online Methods. Probably this is the only Bengali course which teaches network marketing business using online modes.
You can access this course from your PC or mobile phone. The course will contain the following modules:

  1. Introduction ( 1 lesson)
  2. Definition, History and Future of Network Marketing Business( 1 lesson)
  3. Foundations ( 4 lessons)
  4. Basics ( 4 lessons)
  5. How to recruit downlines and sell products through the website( 4 lessons)
  6. How to use youtube to recruit distributors in Network Marketing Business( 4 lessons)
  7. How to use Facebook to recruit distributors in Network Marketing Business ( 7 lessons)
  8. Conclusion and Bonus ( 1 lesson)

In addition to those, there will be hundreds of free training materials, worksheets, ebooks, resources etc. for the smooth functioning of the business.