Bug Bounty 1.0

₹ 999

Bug Bounty 1.0 is designed for learning OWASP Top 10 Web Application Vulnerabilities with practical demonstrations on real-time web applications. Majority of the tech companies setup their responsible disclosure policy or bug bounty program for their web applications first, as it can easily be tested by anyone remotely.

Bug Bounty 1.0 is a bundle of 25 video lectures covering 20+ vulnerabilities that falls in OWASP Top 10 with explanation of real-time security impact, recommendation etc. We have also shared 1 hour dedicated video on “Bug Bounty Roadmap” explaining you ins and outs of the Bug Bounty World from scratch. Additionally, professional bug bounty report (VAPT Report) writing is covered in the video which makes this bundle super worthy for beginners in Bug Bounty & Web Application Security.

For other details and course contents, kindly visit [https://www.esecurify.com/bug-bounty-1-0/]