One Within

₹ 99

"The Conflict is within us. It arises at some point in our Lives. It is natural. But what if it arises when you fall in love...? Deeply, unconditionally and uninhibitedly…?

This is a simple story of a simple couple falling in Love. But is it enough…? Does falling in love promises, the joy of fulfilment?

Fate had a twist in store.

Amidst the mountains of turmoil and the ocean of tempest, the Mind breaks free, but the Heart bereaves.
Do they listen to their Hearts…? Is it the Heart or the Mind that wins?
Nothing is easy as it sounds.
‘ONE within…’ is a wonderfully crafted, delicate love story wrapped around an act of suave revenge. Subtly, the readers are taken on a journey of tender emotions and passionate retribution through the complexity of human persona."