Advanced Excel Training for Hospital Professionals

₹ 20,000

The 8 hours program is exclusively designed for hospital executives or Healthcare professionals, who are familiar with MS Excel environment and would like to sharpen their skills with regard to summarization, Data Analysis , Reporting, and Data Presentation with TAT saving tips and tricks.

Who Can Attend:
Anyone who works on Microsoft Excel and would like to enhance their knowledge to the next level. (Admin, HR, Operator, Doctors, Assistants etc.)

Content in brief:
Excel Power Tips for Lightning-Fast Data Entry, etc.
High Impact Charts & Graphs
The Magic of Conditional Formatting
Analyzing Information with Excel Tables
Painless Pivot Tables ®
Excel & Data Analysis (HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX, etc.)
Jump Start - Excel Macros & VBA

Post Training, the participants will be able to work at ease not only with data entry but also with generation of various or multiple MIS reports and can do difference by saving TAT. Following things can be done at comfort:

Tracking Patient Records, Budget Vs Revenue Comparison, Doctors’ Roster, Attendance System, Petty Cash Report, Daily Records, Data Analysis vis-à-vis MIS reports. Inventory reports, Maintenance of Fixed Asset register and etc.

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