Finance for non-finance managers training in Pune

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Finance for non finance professionals:
Through this highly successful program, managers with little or no financial training or experience can learn to use the language, tools, and techniques of accounting and finance. Complex principles are presented in practical, understandable terms in a friendly, supportive environment. You will return to your organization with the confidence to analyze financial information and participate fully in making business decisions.Pax will learn to apply accounting concepts to your strategic and operational decisions. Improve your ability to have a strong impact on your bottom line.

Key Benefits and Takeaways:
An understanding of basic financial accounting terms and concepts
A greater understanding of accounting and finance systems and the objectives of financial statements
Knowledge of frameworks for applying financial analysis to management decision making
An understanding of basic financial models, key financial ratios and indicators
Basic planning and budgeting skills
Use Financial Functions, internal rate of return, Economic Value Added, payback and break-even analysis to make better investment decisions
Evaluating Ratio Analysis from the Balance sheet values.
Usage of the Data Anaytical tools of Excel and bring the accuracy.
The confidence and skills to contribute to financial management within their organisation
An awareness of the role of finance within the larger organisational structure and its contribution to overall business strategy
A thorough working knowledge of critical financial principles

Who Should Attend:
This program is designed for managers at all levels, including those in technical and non-financial areas seeking to make better business decisions by understanding financial information and its implications. This diversity is one of the program’s strengths: it addresses the needs and builds on the experiences of participants from all types of companies, not-for-profit organizations and government services.

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