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Mashup of - MS Excel Beginner Course, MS Excel Intermediate Course, MS Excel Advanced Course, MS Word, Excel Dashboard, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook

Excel Superstar offers courses that are uniquely designed to give you a complete tour of Excel and its Techniques. Anyone who wishes to master MS Excel or any other Microsoft Office Tools completely can do it here. The mission is to turn our learners into Absolute Professionals who have complete knowledge about MS Office Tools.

The video Tutorials that you get are authentic and put up into four distinct categories:
• MS Excel Course for Beginners
• MS Excel Course for Intermediate
• MS Excel Course for Advanced
• MS Excel Course for GOD MODE

Learn Excel in Hindi in 7 days
Full Beginner to Advanced Course
170+ Excel Videos
140+ Training Files
Online Access
Language Hindi-English Mix
Price including GST
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Our Course has got 170+ video tutorials to benefit your Excel and other Microsoft Office course-based Knowledge. These video tutorials will help you to learn ‘How to deliver faster while doing less work.’ These are Educational Videos having fun elements as well so that the learners do not lose the interest. Fun Elements are the extended benefits to users which helps in memorizing the lessons well.

All the courses of MS Office are designed keeping the users in mind. It should deliver its complete value-adding productivity in the Professional life. Learn Advanced Excel Formulas and skills to Excel at work. This will help you to Achieve the quest to Work Smart and achieve more

The same video tutorials are put up on our Website and YouTube Channel. There are training files that will be made available to the Learners.

The list of things that you’re going to get from this course:
1. 170+ top-notch videos
2. All the training materials

MS Excel Beginner Mode

  1. AutoSum function in Excel
  2. Max function in Excel
  3. Average function in Excel
  4. CountBlank function in Excel
  5. Count and Counta function in Excel
  6. Master logical statements: True or False in Excel
  7. Simple logical statement: True or False in Excel
  8. Status bar in Excel
  9. Data Formatting in Excel
  10. Autofill dates in Excel
  11. Autofill numbers in Excel
  12. Sort Data in Excel | Descending order
  13. Sort Data in Excel | Alphabetically
  14. Sort by Dates in Excel
  15. Sort by Color in Excel
  16. Filter Data and then Calculate Sum in Excel
  17. Filter in Excel
  18. Working with filtered Data in Excel
  19. Number filter in Excel
  20. Remove Duplicates values in Excel
  21. Create Drop-down in Excel in 30 seconds
  22. Remove Drop-down in Excel
  23. Freeze Panes in Excel
  24. Format Painter in Excel
  25. Table Formatting in Excel
  26. Hyperlinks in Excel
  27. UPPER, LOWER, PROPER to change text case in Excel
  28. Trim function in Excel
  29. Round function in Excel
  30. MRound function in Excel
  31. How to store numbers as text in 1 minute in Excel
  32. Value function in Excel
  33. Len function in Excel
  34. Left – Right – Mid function in Excel
  35. Excel VBA (Macro Basic) in Excel
  36. Basics of Charts in Excel

MS Excel Intermediate Mode

  1. Pivot Table in Excel
  2. Vlookup function in Excel | Part 1
  3. Vlookup function in Excel | Part 2
  4. Vlookup function in Excel | Part 3
  5. Vlookup function in Excel | Part 4
  6. Vlookup function in Excel | Part 5
  7. Use Vlookup to find the Debtors Ageing analysis in Excel
  8. I bet you wouldn’t know this Vlookup trick in Excel | Score Grading
  9. I bet you wouldn’t know this Vlookup trick in Excel |Food Grading
  10. Using Vlookup find Service tax in Excel
  11. Excel vlookup in Multiple sheets in Excel
  12. Vlookup vs. Hlookup in Excel
  13. Excel Logical function – AND, OR in Excel
  14. IF function and Nested IF function in Excel
  15. Countif function in Excel | Cell Counting
  16. Sumif function in Excel | Adding numbers
  17. Avaergeif function in Excel
  18. Sumproduct function in Excel
  19. Calculate Year on Year percentage Growth in Excel
  20. Add serial numbers column before sorting in Excel
  21. 2 level sorting in Excel
  22. Subtotal function in Excel
  23. Format Painter Continuously in Excel
  24. Color multiple sheet tab in Excel
  25. Color cells based on cell value in Excel
  26. Color cells based on cell error or blanks in Excel
  27. Adding leading Zeroes in cheque number in Excel
  28. Calculate Fixed Deposit in Excel | Part 1
  29. Calculate Fixed Deposit in Excel | Part 2
  30. Formatting Tricks to write x3 in Excel
  31. Pie Chart in Excel
  32. Chart Trick – Best way to present Charts in Excel
  33. View bar in Excel
  34. Comments in Excel
  35. Print Excel Sheets in Excel
  36. Dashboard in Excel

MS Excel Advanced Mode

  1. Delete Error cells by using Go To Special in Excel
  2. Excel Shortcut: Ctrl + Enter in Excel
  3. Fill Intermittent Blank cells in Excel
  4. Match function in Excel | Part 1
  5. Match function in Excel | Part 2
  6. 2D Lookup | Vlookup and Match in Excel | Part 1
  7. 2D Lookup | Vlookup and Match in Excel | Part 2
  8. 2D Lookup | Vlookup and Match in Excel | Part 3
  9. 2D Lookup | Vlookup and Match in Excel | Part 4
  10. Roundup and Rounddown function in Excel
  11. Round function in Excel | Practical Applications
  12. Round Tricks from Excel Superstar in Excel
  13. Substitute function in Excel
  14. Activate Developer Tab in 2007-2016 in Excel
  15. Dashboard Trick – Create a spin Button in Excel
  16. Create Scenario in Excel
  17. Dashboard Trick – Create a scrollBar in Excel
  18. Hyperlinked Shortcuts in Excel
  19. Horizontal Sort in Excel
  20. Add a blank row in Excel
  21. Sort Data by Custom list in Excel
  22. Thermometer Chart in Excel
  23. Multi-axis Chart in Excel
  24. Formula Security in Excel
  25. Formula Audit in Excel
  26. 3D Data Consolidation in Excel Part 1 & 2 in Excel
  27. Goalseek in Excel
  28. Substitute and Replace function in Excel
  29. Joining data strings using CONCATENATE, & in Excel
  30. Reverse 2-way Lookup – INDEX with MATCH Part 1 in Excel
  31. Reverse 2-way Lookup – INDEX with MATCH Part 2 in Excel
  32. Reverse 2-way Lookup – INDEX with MATCH Part 3 in Excel


  1. Microsoft Add-in Fuzzy lookup in Excel
  2. Flash fill in Excel | Data Cleaning
  3. Hide a sheet so that no one can easily Unhide in Excel
  4. Confidential – Remove “Protect sheet” Password with Notepad in Excel
  5. Confidential – Remove “Protect workbook” Password with Notepad in Excel
  6. Making a text magically invisible in Excel
  7. OFFSET function in Excel
  8. Indirect function in Excel
  9. Text to Columns in Excel

Requirements are simple:

  1. Since you’re getting the Tutorials in the video form, you need a laptop or a Computer.
  2. You need Microsoft office tools in your PC like MS Excel.
  3. If you have a smartphone, such an add-on, view it while you’re free, traveling or whenever you wish to.

This offer is valid in all over India.

In case if you’ve any question or doubt, feel free to clear your doubts. We’re available for assistance.

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