Excel Superstar Webinar Series (3 Webinar online Access)

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Advanced Excel Webinar v2.0

What will you learn from Advanced Excel Webinar
1. New Age Excel Topics
a. Fuzzy Lookup
b. Flash Fill (Data Cleaning)
c. Compare two spreadsheets

  1. Advanced Excel Topics
    a. Pivot Table hidden features
    b. Pivot Table add-on features
    c. 2 most important charts (Thermometer, Waterfall)
    d. Automate Excel MIS reports (without Coding)

  2. Time Saver Office Productivity Hacks (within 30 seconds)
    a. Extract Text from a Picture, Invoice, Voucher, Agreement using MS Office
    b. 1-second trick to format PDF copied text and avoid pressing Delete-Space
    c. World’s Best PDF to DOC, PPT Converter is Free

Who is this webinar meant for:
Accountants, MIS analysts, Small Business Owners, Tax consultants, Audit Professionals, Business Development executives, Sales Forecasting, Budgeting, Pricing, Internal auditors, job-seekers, students

Excel VBA Macro Workshop

What will you learn from Excel VBA Macro Workshop
1. My experience at Big Four firms – KPMG, PwC, EY, Deloitte
2. Record & Run a Macros, VBA Workspace, Structure of a VBA Code
3. The three magic words used for Google search to get ready-made codes & edit them
4. Understanding use of Object, Properties, Methods, and Variables
5. Cell and Range Objects
6. Creating loops with repeat counter to automate repetitive tasks
7. Events & Button to trigger Macros
8. Forms to create applications clients are ready to PAY for. E.g. Travel Booking
9. User-defined functions to create our own functions. E.g. Convert No. to Words
10. Other concepts and way forward

Why MUST you learn Macros❓

Search ANY jobs sites for job roles related to “Excel Macros” or “VBA Specialist”. You will observe that majority of them are high paying roles. Even other roles from banking, finance and MIS reporting, describe “Excel Macros” as one of the preferred skill set. Excel Macros helps in these three areas:

1: Speed

2: Automation

3: Career Progression (~ Promotion and more salary)

Then why do people not learn it❓

Because people have misplaced belief related to learning Excel Macros:

1: Only a programmer can learn it.

2: It’s difficult to learn.

3: It’s boring.

All these are FALSE 👎👎👎

Excel Dashboard Webinar

What will you Learn from Excel Dashboard Webinar
1 – Power Query (MS Excel Add-in) to re-structure data for analysis
2 – Pivot Table tricks for formatting the dashboard
3 – Case Study 1: Analyzing complex HR Survey
4 – Concepts: INDIRECT, CELL, Spin Button
5 – Case Study 2: Creating single-window dashboard based on multi-sheets
6 – Three important charts: Thermometer, Waterfall, Dual-axis stacked

Why should you spend a single minute to learn Excel Dashboard❓

  1. Excel Dashboard is most powerful way to communicate and summarize Excel Data
  2. It is a starting point to get into Data Analytics sector – Huge Demand and High Salaries
  3. Interact with Senior management with business insights from actual data

Why do most people fail at learning Excel Dashboard❓

  1. They do not know Dashboard fundamentals – Design tips, data formats, Data Cleaning
  2. No Classroom training to teach dynamic charts, interlinked pivots, slicers, Button-controlled charts
  3. YouTube Videos do not have industry standards and best practices for Indian Businesses

All these are FALSE 👎👎👎