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Mashup of - MS Excel Beginner Course, MS Excel Intermediate Course, MS Excel Advanced Course, MS Word, Excel Dashboard, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook

Excel Superstar offers courses that are uniquely designed to give you a complete tour of Excel and its Techniques. Anyone who wishes to master MS Excel or any other Microsoft Office Tools completely can do it here. The mission is to turn our learners into Absolute Professionals who have complete knowledge about MS Office Tools.

The video Tutorials that you get are authentic and put up into four distinct categories:
• MS Excel Course for Beginners
• MS Excel Course for Intermediate
• MS Excel Course for Advanced
• MS Excel Course for GOD MODE

Learn MS Office Combo (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel Dashboard)
Full Beginner to Advanced Course
430+ Excel Videos
Total 1600+ mins of videos tutorials
Training Files
Online Access
Language Hindi-English Mix
Price including GST
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Our Course has got 430+ video tutorials to benefit your Excel and other Microsoft Office course-based Knowledge. These video tutorials will help you to learn ‘How to deliver faster while doing less work.’ These are Educational Videos having fun elements as well so that the learners do not lose the interest. Fun Elements are the extended benefits to users which helps in memorizing the lessons well.

All the courses of MS Office are designed keeping the users in mind. It should deliver its complete value-adding productivity in the Professional life. Learn Advanced Excel Formulas and skills to Excel at work. This will help you to Achieve the quest to Work Smart and achieve more

The same video tutorials are put up on our Website and YouTube Channel. There are training files that will be made available to the Learners.

The list of things that you’re going to get from this course:
1. 430+ top-notch videos
2. All the training materials

MS Excel Beginner Mode

  1. AutoSum function in Excel
  2. Max function in Excel
  3. Average function in Excel
  4. CountBlank function in Excel
  5. Count and Counta function in Excel
  6. Master logical statements: True or False in Excel
  7. Simple logical statement: True or False in Excel
  8. Status bar in Excel
  9. Data Formatting in Excel
  10. Autofill dates in Excel
  11. Autofill numbers in Excel
  12. Sort Data in Excel | Descending order
  13. Sort Data in Excel | Alphabetically
  14. Sort by Dates in Excel
  15. Sort by Color in Excel
  16. Filter Data and then Calculate Sum in Excel
  17. Filter in Excel
  18. Working with filtered Data in Excel
  19. Number filter in Excel
  20. Remove Duplicates values in Excel
  21. Create Drop-down in Excel in 30 seconds
  22. Remove Drop-down in Excel
  23. Freeze Panes in Excel
  24. Format Painter in Excel
  25. Table Formatting in Excel
  26. Hyperlinks in Excel
  27. UPPER, LOWER, PROPER to change text case in Excel
  28. Trim function in Excel
  29. Round function in Excel
  30. MRound function in Excel
  31. How to store numbers as text in 1 minute in Excel
  32. Value function in Excel
  33. Len function in Excel
  34. Left – Right – Mid function in Excel
  35. Excel VBA (Macro Basic) in Excel
  36. Basics of Charts in Excel

MS Excel Intermediate Mode

  1. Pivot Table in Excel
  2. Vlookup function in Excel | Part 1
  3. Vlookup function in Excel | Part 2
  4. Vlookup function in Excel | Part 3
  5. Vlookup function in Excel | Part 4
  6. Vlookup function in Excel | Part 5
  7. Use Vlookup to find the Debtors Ageing analysis in Excel
  8. I bet you wouldn’t know this Vlookup trick in Excel | Score Grading
  9. I bet you wouldn’t know this Vlookup trick in Excel |Food Grading
  10. Using Vlookup find Service tax in Excel
  11. Excel vlookup in Multiple sheets in Excel
  12. Vlookup vs. Hlookup in Excel
  13. Excel Logical function – AND, OR in Excel
  14. IF function and Nested IF function in Excel
  15. Countif function in Excel | Cell Counting
  16. Sumif function in Excel | Adding numbers
  17. Avaergeif function in Excel
  18. Sumproduct function in Excel
  19. Calculate Year on Year percentage Growth in Excel
  20. Add serial numbers column before sorting in Excel
  21. 2 level sorting in Excel
  22. Subtotal function in Excel
  23. Format Painter Continuously in Excel
  24. Color multiple sheet tab in Excel
  25. Color cells based on cell value in Excel
  26. Color cells based on cell error or blanks in Excel
  27. Adding leading Zeroes in cheque number in Excel
  28. Calculate Fixed Deposit in Excel | Part 1
  29. Calculate Fixed Deposit in Excel | Part 2
  30. Formatting Tricks to write x3 in Excel
  31. Pie Chart in Excel
  32. Chart Trick – Best way to present Charts in Excel
  33. View bar in Excel
  34. Comments in Excel
  35. Print Excel Sheets in Excel
  36. Dashboard in Excel

MS Excel Advanced Mode

  1. Delete Error cells by using Go To Special in Excel
  2. Excel Shortcut: Ctrl + Enter in Excel
  3. Fill Intermittent Blank cells in Excel
  4. Match function in Excel | Part 1
  5. Match function in Excel | Part 2
  6. 2D Lookup | Vlookup and Match in Excel | Part 1
  7. 2D Lookup | Vlookup and Match in Excel | Part 2
  8. 2D Lookup | Vlookup and Match in Excel | Part 3
  9. 2D Lookup | Vlookup and Match in Excel | Part 4
  10. Roundup and Rounddown function in Excel
  11. Round function in Excel | Practical Applications
  12. Round Tricks from Excel Superstar in Excel
  13. Substitute function in Excel
  14. Activate Developer Tab in 2007-2016 in Excel
  15. Dashboard Trick – Create a spin Button in Excel
  16. Create Scenario in Excel
  17. Dashboard Trick – Create a scrollBar in Excel
  18. Hyperlinked Shortcuts in Excel
  19. Horizontal Sort in Excel
  20. Add a blank row in Excel
  21. Sort Data by Custom list in Excel
  22. Thermometer Chart in Excel
  23. Multi-axis Chart in Excel
  24. Formula Security in Excel
  25. Formula Audit in Excel
  26. 3D Data Consolidation in Excel Part 1 & 2 in Excel
  27. Goalseek in Excel
  28. Substitute and Replace function in Excel
  29. Joining data strings using CONCATENATE, & in Excel
  30. Reverse 2-way Lookup – INDEX with MATCH Part 1 in Excel
  31. Reverse 2-way Lookup – INDEX with MATCH Part 2 in Excel
  32. Reverse 2-way Lookup – INDEX with MATCH Part 3 in Excel


  1. Microsoft Add-in Fuzzy lookup in Excel
  2. Flash fill in Excel | Data Cleaning
  3. Hide a sheet so that no one can easily Unhide in Excel
  4. Confidential – Remove “Protect sheet” Password with Notepad in Excel
  5. Confidential – Remove “Protect workbook” Password with Notepad in Excel
  6. Making a text magically invisible in Excel
  7. OFFSET function in Excel
  8. Indirect function in Excel
  9. Text to Columns in Excel

MS Word Course Table of Content

0101 Basics of Font Formatting – Part 1
0102 Basics of Font Formatting – Part 2
0103 Basics of Line and Para Spacing
0104 Basics of Page Layout
0105 Basics of Borders and Shading
0201 Basics of Bullet Points
0202 How to convert boring bullet points into a SmartArt
0203 How to create Multi-level numbered bullet points
0204 Shortcut to apply and remove bullet points
0205 How to add Symbols to bullet points
0301 Basics of Header and Footer
0302 Insert the date or time in a Header or Footer
0303 Insert the Company logo in a Header
0304 Add dynamic page numbering – Page X of Y
0305 Troubleshoot – Header and Footer area is not visible
0401 Basics of Table formatting
0402 How to equally distribute rows height
0403 How to equally distribute columns width
0404 Practice Project – Table Tricks
0405 How to add numbers in columns in a Word table
0406 Shortcut to Split a table into two separate tables
0407 Exercise – Split a table into two separate tables
0408 Repeat table headers on every page
0409 Troubleshoot – Repeat Table Rows isn’t working
0410 Basics of Table Borders and Shading
0411 Cell Shading with Pattern
0412 Access Borders and Shading settings faster
0413 Sort Table columns in a Table – Part 1
0414 Sort Table columns in a Table – Part 2
0415 Sort Table columns in a Table – Part 3
0416 Quick Tables – Reusable Table templates
0417 Convert Table text to regular text
0418 Convert Text to Table
0419 How to Indent an Entire Table with precision
0420 How to merge cells 10x faster using Eraser tool
0421 Save Table to Quick Tables Gallery for reuse
0422 Delete Table from Quick Tables Gallery
0423 Using Symbols inside a Table to visually represent numbers
0501 Basics of Find and Replace – Part 1
0502 Basics of Find and Replace – Part 2
0503 Shortcut to find highlighted text
0504 Shortcut to find a word across pages
0505 Advanced Tricks of Find and Replace – Part 1
0506 Advanced Tricks of Find and Replace – Part 2
0507 How to Remove Double Spaces
0508 Find all the Tables in a document
0601 Shortcut to add current Date and Time
0602 Change the case of the text
0603 Using ALT to activate universal shortcut key tips
0604 How to easily access regularly used features through QAT
0605 Shortcut to Undo and Redo action
0606 Shortcuts to clear text and paragraph formatting
0607 Using Notepad to clean the text copied
0608 Shortcut to Quickly delete text
0609 Shortcut to Increase / Decrease Indent
0610 Shortcut to Manual Line Break
0611 Shortcut to Hide / Unhide the Ribbon
0612 Format Painter Tricks
0613 Shortcut to Copy and Paste Format
0614 Why do we use Paste Special
0615 Shortcuts to Paste Special
0616 Use Clipboard to save time
0617 Shortcut to Keep related words on the same line
0618 Shortcut to Change font size
0619 Alignment & Text Direction tricks
0620 Why should you use Page Break
0621 Wrap Text to place pictures correctly alongside text
0622 How to add a horizontal line fast
0623 How to delete the mysterious horizontal line
0624 Magic Trick to Hide and Unhide Text
0625 Find more about the formatting applied
0626 Split a Paragraph into multiple columns
0627 How to Stop a Paragraph from Splitting Between Pages
0628 Insert a screenshot or screen clipping
0629 Reduce file size if HD pictures used
0630 Select Text Vertically
0631 Watermark
0632 Convert PDF to Word PPT and Excel
0633 Use AutoCorrect Options to auto-complete words
0634 Use Portrait and Landscape layout in the same document
0635 How to reuse images and text using Quick Parts
0636 Inserting Footnotes and Endnotes
0701 Basics of Rulers and Margins
0702 Understanding Rulers and Margins in detail
0801 Basics of Navigation Pane
0802 Navigating across Headings using Navigation Pane
0803 Basics of Bookmark
0804 Using Hyperlink with Bookmark
0901 Why should you use Styles for formatting?
0902 How to use Styles?
0903 Create Table of Contents
1001 Essential Print Settings
1002 Shortcut to Print Preview
1003 How to print on legal stamp papers
1101 Mail Merge
1102 How to create a Fillable Form
1201 Why should you use Track Changes?
1202 How to turn the Track Changes ON / OFF?
1203 Reviewing Pane
1204 Markup view and Revisions
1205 Customize Track Changes options
1206 Add Track Changes Button to Status Bar
1207 Accept and Reject changes of multiple reviewers fast
1208 Prevent others from disabling Track Changes using Lock Tracking
1209 Add and Delete Comments
1210 Enable Comments only edit mode
1211 Using Comments and Track Changes together
1301 How to use Thesaurus to write better?
1302 How can “Readability Statistics” help to write better?
1401 How to read lengthy documents using Split Window
1402 How to read lengthy documents using multiple Windows
1501 Recover Text from a Corrupted Word Document
1502 Force Word to Repair a Damaged File
1503 How to Change the auto-save Interval
1504 Find and Recover temporary autosave files
1505 How to create an auto-backup copy
1506 Prevent changes to the final version of a document
1601 Compare two versions of the same document – Why and How?
1602 Accept / Reject changes using right click
1603 Show compare windows
1604 Compare feature won’t work if protection enabled
1701 Activate Developer tab (for Macros)
1702 How to record/run a VBA Macro and how to view the VBA Macro code (Example 1)
1703 How to record/run a VBA Macro and how to view the VBA Macro code (Example 2)
1704 Demo – How to avoid pressing Del & Spacebar multiple times to clean the text
1705 Solution – How to avoid pressing Del & Spacebar multiple times to clean the text
1706 Logic – How to avoid pressing Del & Spacebar multiple times to clean the text
1707 Create Macros – How to avoid pressing Del and Spacebar multiple times to clean the text
1708 View / Edit the Macro code from Visual Basic Editor (VBE)
1709 Watching VBA Macro code getting recorded LIVE
1801 New Feature 2016 – Tell Me, assistant

MS Outlook Tutorials Table of Content

0101 Outlook – An Introduction
0201 Navigating across your workspace #1
0202 Navigating across your workspace #2
0203 Enabling Conversation View (like Gmail)
0204 Prioritize your emails using Custom views
0205 Display Mailbox Quota in Status Bar
0206 Add Back and Forward buttons to toggle between windows accessed
0207 Using “Split” button to read lengthy emails
0208 Tracking Tasks via “Post-it” notes
0209 Color Format your emails based on Conditions
0301 Finding Contacts efficiently #1
0302 Finding Contacts efficiently #2
0303 Export Contacts to an Excel file
0304 Saving a Contact from an email
0305 Scenario: Forwarding emails to select people group
0401 Sending Emails – Shortcuts #1
0402 Sending Emails – Shortcuts #2
0403 Read Receipt and Delivery Receipt settings
0404 Efficient email subject lines
0405 Using Thesaurus to rephrase existing words
0407 Setting Text Styles to save email formatting time #1
0406 Setting Text Styles to save email formatting time #2
0408 Segmenting your email using Horizontal line
0409 Email Signature
0410 Using Tables in email
0411 Clever Paragraph trick
0415 Quick Parts – Create reusable text in emails
0412 Quick Steps Demo – Automate recurring tasks
0413 Quick Steps #1
0414 Quick Steps #2
0416 Creating Email Template (OFT)
0417 Using AutoCorrect Options
0418 Emailing Groups
0419 Delay email sending
0420 Schedule an email for future delivery
0501 Search Folder – Creating a Virtual folder for emails meeting user defined criteria
0502 Search Folder – FAQs
0503 Search email Basics – Criteria based Search
0504 Search email Advanced – Criteria based Search #1
0505 Search email Advanced – Criteria based Search #2
0506 Using Find feature in an open email
0601 Tasks cycle – Creation, Assigning, Tracking & Completion
0602 Export Tasks to an Excel file
0603 Using custom category (color marker) to prioritize tasks
0604 Create Recurring Tasks & Events
0605 Remove recurring appointments – all at once
0606 Assigning Task to Group with Responsible Person Name
0607 Task List: Different Views
0608 Calculation delay in task completion
0701 Organising your work through Calendar
0702 Create an Event or Appointment
0703 Email & Share Calendar
0704 Printing Calendar with Task List

MS PowerPoint Tricks Table of Content

0101 Drawing and Duplicating Shape Trick
0102 Re sizing Shape Trick
0103 Copying format and Repeat Last Action Trick
0104 Layering and Decomposing Trick
0105 Breaking up objects and Smart art Trick
0106 Merging shapes and learn few shortcuts
0107 Callouts and Highlighters Trick
0108 Lock Drawing Mode Trick
0109 Using Connectors for Flowcharts Trick
0110 Colorpicker and other useful shape Tricks
0201 Picture Tricks
0202 Triggered Animation Trick
0203 Slide Master Trick
0204 Staggered Car Animation
0205 GearBox
0301 LIVE magnification
0302 Flat Icons
0303 Google recommended color combinations
0304 Inspiration for Illustrations
0305 HD Images (free)
0401 Editing Design & Layout 01
0402 Editing Design & Layout 02
0403 Adding Impact 01
0404 Adding Impact 02
0405 Adding Impact 03
0501 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 01
0502 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 02
0503 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 03
0504 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 04
0505 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 05
0601 Hyperlink
0602 Symbol-based Bullets
0603 Embedding Video
0604 Password Protection
0701 Presentation Views & Print Settings 01
0702 Presentation Views & Print Settings 02

Excel Dashboard Course Table of Content

0101 Introduction to Dashboard Course
0102 Introduction to 1st Dashboard
0201 Understanding the data
0202 Text Function
0203 Dynamic data Create Table
0204 Naming the dynamic data and the using it in function
0205 Preparing 1st Pivot and updating data
0206 Classic view and Filling blank with zero in Pivot
0207 Create Chart for comparison from the Pivot
0208 Create Trend line from the Pivot
0209 Creating Pie Chart from Slab Report from Pivot
0210 Preparing Framework for DashBoard
0211 Inserting Slicer using Chart
0212 Customize Slicer Setting
0301 Brief on 2nd Dashboards
0302 Importing Data from the Internet
0303 Converting Line Item into a Currency Table
0304 Calculation of Currency using INDEX and MATCH
0305 Creating Slabs using Vlookup True Parameter
0306 Creating Qtrs based on Financial or Calendar Selection
0307 Preparing the base by removing duplicate for Dashboard
0308 AverageIF for calculating Country Wise Salary
0309 Substituting ERROR with zero using IFERROR
0310 Introduction to Function INDIRECT Part 1 and 2
0311 Using Function INDIRECT to Retrieve AverageIF from relevant sheet
0312 Using Function CountIf with INDIRECT to calculate No OF Emp
0313 Calculating Contribution Country wise No Of Emp
0314 Using NameRange to simplify calculation
0315 Using NameRange with formula in 2nd Dashboard
0316 Introduction to Offset Function
0317 Offset Function in Excel
0318 Using Offset Function in Dashboard
0319 Use of MINIF in Dashboard
0320 Use of MAXIF in Dashboard
0321 Using Average to get Designation Wise Experience result
0322 Using MAXIF with multiple conditions
0323 Using MINIF with multiple conditions
0324 Dynamic Dropdown List
0325 longitude and latitude with plotting data on dashboard
0326 Using REPT Function based on the percentage calculation
0327 Activation of Developer Tab and creating Scroll Bar
0328 Inserting Trend chart based on data
0329 Advance INDEX and MATCH with multiple references
0330 Inserting Spark Line
0331 Insert World Map into the chart
0332 Plotting Data on Map Chart
0333 Controlling Map Preview from dropdown
0334 Summarising 2nd Dashboard
0401 Brief on 3rd Dashboards
0402 Implementation of OFFSET for dynamic data
0403 Creating Trend Chart from 2 Pivot Table
0404 Modifying the Chart Settings for better view
0405 Using Macro recording for Trend Chart 01
0406 Using macro to update pivot based on the Job Type
0407 Triggering macro with any change in sheets
0408 Creating Name Range using shortcut
0409 Use of MAXIF and MINIF with single and multiple parameters
0410 Create chart to represent multiple parameters effectively 01
0411 Create chart to represent multiple parameters effectively 02
0412 Preparing data for Spiderweb chart and change the graph setting
0413 Using macro to Hide and Unhide working sheets
0414 Inserting Trendline and formatting for better view
0501 Conclusion of all 3 dashboard

Requirements are simple:

  1. Since you’re getting the Tutorials in the video form, you need a laptop or a Computer.
  2. You need Microsoft office tools in your PC like MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Outlook.
  3. If you have a smartphone, such an add-on, view it while you’re free, traveling or whenever you wish to.

This offer is valid in all over India.

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