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Mashup of - MS Excel Beginner Course, MS Excel Intermediate Course, MS Excel Advanced Course, MS Word, Excel Dashboard, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook

Excel Superstar offers courses that are uniquely designed to give you a complete tour of PowerPoint Tricks and its Techniques. Anyone who wishes to master MS PowerPoint or any other Microsoft Office Tools completely can do it here. The mission is to turn our learners into Absolute Professionals who have complete knowledge about MS Office Tools.

Learn PowerPoint Tricks
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35+ Mp4 Videos
Online Access
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Our Course has got 35+ video tutorials to benefit your PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office course-based Knowledge. These video tutorials will help you to learn ‘How to deliver faster while doing less work.’ These are Educational Videos having fun elements as well so that the learners do not lose the interest. Fun Elements are the extended benefits to users which helps in memorizing the lessons well.

All the courses of MS Office are designed keeping the users in mind. It should deliver its complete value-adding productivity in the Professional life. Learn Advanced PowerPoint Tricks and skills to PowerPoint at work. This will help you to Achieve the quest to Work Smart and achieve more

The same video tutorials are put up on our Website and YouTube Channel. There are training files that will be made available to the Learners.

The list of things that you’re going to get from this course:
1. 35+ top-notch videos
2. All the training materials

MS PowerPoint tricks Tutorials

0101 Drawing and Duplicating Shape Trick
0102 Resizing Shape Trick
0103 Copying format and Repeat Last Action Trick
0104 Layering and Decomposing Trick
0105 Breaking up objects and Smart art Trick
0106 Merging shapes and learn few shortcuts
0107 Callouts and Highlighters Trick
0108 Lock Drawing Mode Trick
0109 Using Connectors for Flowcharts Trick
0110 Colorpicker and other useful shape Tricks
0201 Picture Tricks
0202 Triggered Animation Trick
0203 Slide Master Trick
0204 Staggered Car Animation
0205 GearBox
0301 LIVE magnification
0302 Flat Icons
0303 Google recommended color combinations
0304 Inspiration for Illustrations
0305 HD Images (free)
0401 Editing Design & Layout 01
0402 Editing Design & Layout 02
0403 Adding Impact 01
0404 Adding Impact 02
0405 Adding Impact 03
0501 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 01
0502 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 02
0503 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 03
0504 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 04
0505 Troubleshooting PDF Copy-Paste issues 05
0601 Hyperlink
0602 Symbol-based Bullets
0603 Embedding Video
0604 Password Protection
0701 Presentation Views & Print Settings 01
0702 Presentation Views & Print Settings 02

Requirements are simple:

  1. Since you’re getting the Tutorials in the video form, you need a laptop or a Computer.
  2. You need Microsoft office tools in your PC like MS PowerPoint.
  3. If you have a smartphone, such an add-on, view it while you’re free, traveling or whenever you wish to.

This offer is valid in all over India.

In case if you’ve any question or doubt, feel free to clear your doubts. We’re available for assistance.

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