The Land Of The Basques

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The Land Of The Basques

(07 Days / 06 Nights)

Euskal Herria, The Land of the Basques in the local language, is a fascinating destination which comprises in a relatively small piece of land, a great diversity of sceneries from the ocean, to the mountain range and from modern cities to countryside and vineyards. Nestled in a mountainous corner of Atlantic Europe, the land of the Basques is still wrapped in a mistery and legend story. The origin of this people is uncertain, whose language – Euskera - is said to be the oldest living language in Europe and unrelated to any other spoken in the continent, or indeed the world. Euskera's mysterious origins have fuelled too the debate about, whether the Basques can boast the oldest European culture. By BASQVIUM Travel, Food and Culture

In an age of peak global homogeneity, when distinct cultures are vanishing, there is something invigorating, disorientating even, about arriving in the Basque Country. Split between Spain and France, the Basque Country is perhaps the most over-achieving locale on the planet right now. Seven provinces, two countries, one people, three languages. A “nation without a state” — left off the map when they drew Europe’s national borders. With urban excitement, sunny beaches with some of the best surfing in the world, an idyllic climate, a beautiful mountain range, spectacular modern architecture, tasty pintxos (the Basque take on tapas), and feisty, free-spirited people, this region is filled with cultural treats.


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August 2018: 01st August 2018 TO 07th August 2018
August 2018: 10th August 2018 TO 16th August 2018
August 2018: 19th August 2018 TO 25th August 2018
August 2018: 28th August 2018 TO 03rd September 2018
September 2018: 06th September 2018 TO 12th September 2018
September 2018: 15th September 2018 TO 21st September 2018
September 2018: 24th September 2018 TO 30th September 2018
October 2018: 03rd October 2018 TO 09th October 2018
October 2018: 12th October 2018 TO 18th October 2018
October 2018: 21st October 2018 TO 27th October 2018
October 2018: 30th October 2018 TO 05th November 2018
November 2018: 08th November 2018 TO 14th November 2018
November 2018: 17th November 2018 TO 23rd November 2018
November 2018: 26th November 2018 TO 02nd December 2018
December 2018: 05th December 2018 TO 11th December 2018
December 2018: 14th December 2018 TO 20th December 2018
December 2018: 23rd December 2018 TO 29th December 2018


Bilbao - Bilbao
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Day One
Arrival in the International Airport of Bilbao.
Bus Transfer to the hotel.
Side visits depending on the arrival time. Night in the city

Day Two
We start the trip visiting Bilbao, the vibrant economical capital city of the Basque Region.
We will visit the Old Quarters, that houses many monumental buildings, like Arriaga Theatre, Arched Square (Plaza Nueva) and Saint Jaques Cathedral of Gothic style.
And from the old, we will move to the modern Bilbao, highlighting the spectacular Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank O. Gehry, which surprises to the visitor with its originality.
The visit in Bilbao can be completed with a boat trip through the Nervion River, to see the urban transformation of Bilbao. Night in the city.

Day Three
We take the bus to travel along the province of Bizkaia, stopping first in the Bizkaia Suspension Bridge.
We will cross it on foot from the top and continue the trip through the beautiful scenery of the Biscayan coast stopping in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe.
After having lunch, we will enter the nearby Gipuzkoa province, famous for its cider houses and the Idiazabal cheese After crossing the mountainous Deba Valley, we will travel along the beautiful Gipuzkoan coast, where highlights the Basque Coast Geopark, an spectacular formation of rock layers, known as Flysch deposits and crossing through fishing villages like Getaria and stunning beaches like Zarautz, to arrive finally to the capital city of Donostia – San Sebastian, named as European Capital of Culture in 2016. Night in the city or sorroundings.

Day Four
We will visit so this Old Part and stroll along the maritime promanade, till the famous sculpture Comb of the Winds.
And the visit to Donostia can be completed with an excursion to Igeldo mountain, with astonishing views of the sea. Night in the city or sorroundings.

Day Five
From Donostia – San Sebastian the French border, We will go this time by road to enter Iparralde (The French Basque Country), where we will feel that, although we cross a physical border, we still recognized Basque people and symbols.
We will start travelling through the coast of Bay of Biscay, where we can find delightful seaside fishing ports like St-Jean de Luz (Donibane Lohitzune) and the glitzy beach resort of Biarritz, summer destination for European Royal families during XIX and XX centuries.
In the afternoon we will go inland, up in the lush hills, little one-street villages, reflecting the colors of the Basque flag and green valleys traversed by hiking trails, fan out till the walled town of St-Jean Pied de Port (Donibane Garazi), an age-old stop for pilgrims heading over the Spanish border to Santiago de Compostela.
We will have time to walk through their walled streets with ancient houses and visit the pilgrims sites.
Come back to San Sebastian and night in the city or sorroundings.

Day Six
We leave the coast to go to the southern part of the Basque territory to enter Araba province, where the administrative capital of the region, Vitoria-Gasteiz is located.
Enjoying the mild climate of northern Spain, with plenty of sunshine, enough rainfall and a variety of climates and soils, La Rioja is the perfect place for growing vineyards, specially for the tempranillo grape variety, ideal for the red wines.
We will have the chance to travel through this fantastic landscape, stopping in several wineries to learn about the world of wine and of course to taste it, together with local gastronomy specialities like Potatoes in Riojan style or grilled lamb ribs.
We will spend the night in Laguardia village, recently nominated as one of the 44 most beautiful villages in Spain, which soil, underneath, is full of ancient wine caves, still working with the traditional method of producing wine.

Day Seven
The last day of the trip, we will travel back to Bilbao through the Gorbea Natural Park.
Arriving in Bilbao and depending on the time, we could still have time for last shopping or the last pintxos tasting.
Bus Transfer to the Airport and end of the trip.


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