HR Metrics Templates Bundle

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All HR Metrics templates by ExcelDataPro bundled together for downloading. It consists of 26 templates;
1. Average Training Hours Calculator
2. Training Spend Rate Calculator
3. EBIT Per FTE Calculator
4. Annual Benefit Spend Change Report
5. Benefits Spend Rate Calculator
6. Employee Base Salary Increase Rate Calculator
7. New Hire Turnover Rate Calculator
8. Total Compensation Spend Rate Calculator
9. Promotion Rate Calculator
10. Offer Decline Rate Calculator
11. Offer Acceptance Rate Calculator
12. Vacancy Costs Calculator
13. Post Occupancy Rate Calculator
14. Job Vacancy Rate Calculator
15. Employee Turnover Cost Calculator
16. Employee Retention Rate Calculator
17. Employee Productivity Calculator
18. Human Capital ROI Calculator
19. Yield Rate Calculator
20. Employee Absent Rate Calculator
21. Time To Fill Calculator
22. Time To Hire Calculator
23. Profit Per Employee Calculator
24. Revenue Per Employee Calculator
25. Monthly Employee Attrition Report
26. Cost Per Hire Calculator