Frequently Asked Questions

Instamojo is an incredibly simple payment system that lets individuals, entrepreneurs & small businesses collect payments with a link through SMS, email, social networks or through simply via embedding on websites or blogs.

Here's our frequently asked questions (FAQs):

0. Is Instamojo a marketplace?

Ans: No. Instamojo is not a marketplace. Instamojo's goal is to help you sell your work directly to your audience by simply sharing a link with them.

To help you sell to your audience, we provide you an out-of-the-box e-commerce framework that takes care of mundane stuff from payments to delivery. We also provide you tools to reach out to your own audience in whatever way you choose, so that you've more time creating stuff.

1. What is Instamojo's pricing or fees?

Ans: We believe in simple & honest pricing practices. We charge you 1.9% for every successful transaction including payment processing fees. That's it.

Example of Instamojo pricing: If you sell anything for 100, you get 98.1.

2. Using Instamojo, what can I do?

Ans: With Instamojo, you can sell & collect payments for

  • your digital files as instant downloads
  • event tickets
  • physical goods like merchandise, products etc
  • subscriptions
  • anything under the sun

3. Where do I start ?

Ans: Just register and proceed towards your dashboard where you can add details like price, quantity etc and start collecting payments instantly.

4. What happens once you have created a payment link (aka iMojo link)?

Ans: Once you have created an iMojo link, simply share with your network, audience or customers. That's it. You're now ready to accept payments. We'll handle hosting of your checkout page, security, payment processing, delivery etc. We will neatly & transparently show every details about sales, customers, analytics, disputes (if any) and more in your dashboard.

For every successful transaction, you'll instantly get an email notification from us too.

5. When do I get paid?

Ans: The payout happens on 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. All sales prior to 1st Friday will be paid on 2nd Friday, and all sales prior to 3rd Friday will be paid on 4th Friday. For offers selling in INR, the amount would be remitted to your Indian bank account if it has crossed minimum payment threshold of ₹500. If the amount hasn't crossed the minimum threshold, it will be carried over to the next payment cycle.

If you are looking for express payout, inform us at

6. I've lot more questions but you haven't written about it. Why's that?

Ans: Yes, true. We just want to keep things simple. But you can shoot us an email or connect with us on @Instamojo with more questions that aren't part of FAQ list here. You'll be surprised how quickly we respond.