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"How to motivate yourself even in the worst situation?"
"Unlock The Secrets To Motivation Mastery PLUS 2 FREE BONUS Courses for Just US$9.97 (INR 700.00) including course Certificate!"

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Course # 1: MOTIVATION FOR SUCCESS (Actual Course Value INR 14,000 / US$ 197)
Number of Videos: 46

Course description:
Connect with people much faster and easier than you thought ever possible…Engage, empower and inspire people by adding value to their lives. Motivation is not just a useless ordinary word that has no meaning rather it is a powerful word that plays a very important role in your daily life.

Motivation is an important life skill. Motivation is what drives you into achieving goals in life. Without motivation, you will feel dry and empty.

Motivation has the ability to change your state of mind, especially when it comes to achieving your dreams and goals. Motivation is the defining factor that turns your thoughts into immediate action. Motivation can make you achieve things you never thought possible. It is like the fuel that keeps the fire burning. But like any fuel, motivation can also run out. Sometimes, it can just get dry on its own. That is why motivation is something that needs to be renewed from time to time just as you would refuel a car.

Only by discovering and manipulating your true motivation, you will Be Able To Control Your Own Destiny!

This course Will Take You Through The Process Of Finding Your Motivation And Then applying it to achieve your goals

You will Discover the factors that motivate you
You will identify the Benefits of motivation
You will identify the Impact of lack of motivation in your day to day life
You will identify the causes of your lack of motivation – such as Depression, Procrastination, self-confidence, courage and so forth
You will identify Different types of fear that is stopping you from achieving your goals
You will be able to find a Solution to your motivation
And much more

The good news is, if you buy this course today you will get 2 Bonus Courses absolutely free.

FREE BONUS COURSES # 1: LEADERSHIP AUTHORITY (Actual Course Value INR 6900 / US$ 97.00)
No. of Videos: 10 + eBook + Checklist

Course Description:
Discover How To Inspire Your Team, Become an Influential Leader, and Make Extraordinary Things Happen!

Most of us will never have seen ourselves as being leaders. For the majority of us, the thought of taking charge of an office will not so long ago have seemed completely absurd.

That’s a job for high fliers, for people-people… for born leaders! But despite any initial apprehension, leadership roles are something that many of us will have thrust upon us against any protestations. In the vast majority of industries, progress and a hike in salary means taking on more responsibility. And that responsibility will very often take the form of some kind of leadership role.

You can only progress so far before you start having staff under you and the further you then climb the ladder, the more people will start looking to you for direction and the more people you’ll be responsible for. That then leaves two choices: shy away from the pressure and the responsibility and live on the modest salary that comes from that, or learn to suck it up and take charge.

And guess what? When you do accept that mantle and become the leader that you can be, you’ll find that it’s one of the best experiences imaginable for your personal growth and development. You’ll become more confident, more able and more authoritative and it can completely transform the way you see yourself.

Below are the chapters that you will about to explore:
Chapter 1: What Makes a Great Leader?
Chapter 2: How to Inspire Your Team
Chapter 3: How to Incentivize the Right Way
Chapter 4: How to Increase Your Charisma and Authority
Chapter 5: How to Deal With a Crisis
Chapter 6: Is it Better to be Feared or Liked?
Chapter 7: Dealing With Dissidents
Chapter 8: Creating Teams and Encouraging Teamwork
Chapter 9: Understanding Characters and Choosing the Right Person for the Job
Chapter 10: The 10 Most Powerful Tips for Leaders


Course Description:
Aren't you tired of watching those supposed special people grab all the success and glory? Isn't it time you got in on the action and took some of that success for yourself? Well, now you can.

"The Power of Positive Thinking" will change your life.

This course will provide you with valuable information that can help change your life:

Learn exactly what positive thinking is and how anybody can apply it to their own life.
Discover the real power that comes with positive thinking.

Find out how to use the power of positive thinking in your body language and posture.
Realize your unlimited potential for success once you implement positive thinking into your thought process.

Uncover the biggest threats to positive thinking and learn how to conquer them.
And much, much more!

Watch the 10 chapters and then put it into action in your life.

Act Now!

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Dr. Farookh Sensei