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Want To Inspire Others With Your Talk?
Want to discover the secrets of professional presentation?

Welcome To 2 Hours Highly Inspiring SPEAK&SPARK MASTERCLASS with SENSEI
Become A Fearless Inspiring Speaker Even If You Are An Introvert!

👉Do you want to become a Dynamic Speaker & Presenter much faster?
👉Do you want to develop your own workshops and teach topics you love?
👉Do you want to transform the lives of others?

This MasterClass will help:
​👉Beginning speakers who want to become competent at speaking.
👉Intermediate speakers who wants to become Advanced speakers.
👉Advanced speakers who wants to become world class speakers.
👉Professionals who have a presentation or important meeting coming up.
👉Leaders who have been recently promoted to new role that require more meeting facilitation.
👉Aspiring leaders whose presentation skills are holding them back.
👉Leaders who want to master their communication to inspire their team.
👉Those who want to enhance their career by improving their presentation skills.

💡What You Will Discover in the Masterclass:

🚀Types of Speakers (ARAS)
🚀Stages of Transformation (DLATT)
🚀Benefits of Speaking
🚀Born vs Made (30% Default Setting)
🚀Type of Learning
🚀Best ways of Learning (90%)
🚀The 4 Quadrants of Formal/Self Learning
🚀The KASHAPPPS Principle
🚀The Power of 1
🚀The 7 Stages of a Speaker
🚀Journey to become a Dynamic Speaker
🚀Face the Fear
🚀Types of Connections
🚀Find your Currency
🚀The Best Way to Succeed
🚀Scopes of Speaking
🚀The What, Why & How of Coaching
🚀Money Making Niche
🚀Micro Niche Discovery
🚀Online Income Generator
🚀The Power of L – Case Study
🚀The Power of I – Case Study
🚀Am I Qualified? Transformational Leadership.
🚀Turning Mission into Action
🚀4 Levels to Grow as a Speaker/Coach/Entrepreneur
🚀Lifetime Access to LEDGE International Online Learning Hub
🚀Access to Online Classroom
🚀Sharing daily Assignments
🚀Challenge and gamification
🚀Allocation of 3 coaches per Classroom

The actual fee for this 2 -Hour Masterclass is Rs. 999.00
But, now you can avail this program for FREE

Sundays & Thursdays from 7:30 pm (IST) to 9:30 pm (IST)
Language: English

Pleasure serving you,
Farookh Sensei Learning Edge International (P) Ltd.