Option Hydra - With Trail

  • Start Date: Dec. 14, 2019, 10 a.m.
  • End Date: Jan. 9, 2020, 6 p.m.
  • Venue: ONLINE (For pre-booking contact us +91 8105797152)
₹ 29,700

Foundational Futures and Options Trading Basics
1) Introduction to Futures & Options Trading Terminologies
2) View-Based Option Trading / Event-Based Option Trading
3) Using Technical Analysis for Option Trading
4) Trading Weekly Options Vs Monthly Options
5) OTM, ITM, ATM Options

Understanding Option Greeks, Volatility, Time Decay and Option Tools
1) How to use Option Action
2) How to create Create Trading Strategies
3) How to understand Payoff Graph
4) Introduction to Options Greeks, Option Pricing
5) Implied Volatility Vs Historical Volatility Vs India VIX
6) IV Percentile and IV Rank

Using Market Profile to understand the Market Context for Options Trading
1) Understand the Basics of Market Profile
2) How to predict Trending Vs Sideways Markets
3) How to trade option in a sideways markets using Market Profile
4) How to trade options in a trending market using Market Profile
5) Building an option trading plan using Market Profile

Short Term Option Strategies and Money Management Principles
1) Introduction to Option Strategy Repair/Adjustment & Portfolio Greeks
2) Introduction to hedging using Options & futures
3) Adding or Adjusting positions based on the change in market conditions/ technical conditions
4) How to take a short term view using Market Profile

Market Profile Intermediate Level
1) How to prepare for a trading day(Top Down analysis, Pre Market Analysis)
2) Checklist for Day Trading preparation, Key levels to monitor)
3) Initiative Vs Responsive Auctions
4) How to spot acceptance/rejection at key reference levels
5) Traders worksheet for successful implementation of the plan
6) Best Trading Practices