Plantable Cards

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Feel the joy of nurturing with these plantable cards! These cards are the most eco friendly source of portraying self love or sending a gentle message, inspiring and motivating people you care about to look after themselves!
But what significance do these cards have?

Well as soon as you see the words self care and self love written on these cards, we immediately think that we need to distance ourselves from others or we need to be indifferent about stuff that other people say.
Unfortunately these are the two most misunderstood yet popular words nowadays.
Everyone talks about self care and self love, not knowing what it actually signifies.
To love yourself you don't need to push people away or become selfish, you can love yourself by just cherishing yourself. You can care for yourself, by treating yourself with the same concern and admiration as you have for other important people in your life.
But how is a plantable card different from other cards?
These cards are different from other cards as you can use these cards to spread general awareness or simply send them to your loved ones and once they can no longer be used, you can throw these cards without worrying about the wastage of resources and damage to mother earth.

How come they don't pollute the environment?

Well since these cards are eco friendly, once they're used and thrown In the soil, they don't remain on earth and harm the atmosphere, they decompose ( since they're bio degradable) instead, isn't it amazing? And grow into this amazing plant that you can cherish!
These eco friendly cards are the best way to give back to both the earth, which gave you so much in life and your loved ones who made you, YOU today.