Company Secretarial Services @ Rs.3000 for a Private Limited

₹ 3,000

It is compulsory to maintain registers and prepare a minutes of meeting for each and every meeting under the Companies Act 2013 for all Private Limited.
We provide Best Company Secretarial Services in affordable cost. FilingPoint.Com is one of the best company registration Consultants in India. We also provide ROC Annual Filing Services(Annual Report,Auditor's Appointment and Submission of your financial Statements) for a private limited. T&C Apply.

This Package includes the following
1) Preparation of Minutes
We take care of preparing of minutes in a predefined format , prepare a special / Ordinary Resolutions for your needs, other secretarial services. We provide Company Secretarial Services On Time.
2) Maintenance of Registers
As per the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, You have to prepare and maintain statutory Registers . We help you to maintain all required registers at your premises as well as we maintain soft-copy.

1) Avoid Penalties
Recently , ROC has started penalising and disqualifying directors if they are not filing eforms on time and non-maintenance of statutory registers and minutes of meetings.

2) Easy Venture Funding
Every entrepreneur believes his startup is a tax compliant when we apply to VC. If you are a proper filer and have a viable and rapid-growth business, it is easy to get venture fund.

3) Compulsory by the Act
Every year a company must conduct meetings , prepare a minutes for the meeting and maintain statutory registers.

4) Good Business Environment
Stay Calm when you don't violate rules. Same way, if you outsource your filing work to us, you can feel relaxed and get updated. We will intimate you when you need support.

We also provide Company Registration Services at a best lowest rate offer