Mentorship in Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing (1 Hour)

₹ 8,200

You can request for a mentorship provided by Marketing Legend Srinidhi Ranganathan. Srinidhi will come online for 1 hour of time to speak directly and clear all your doubts and questions, you will have about your career in digital marketing. It may even help in your job. We will also discuss the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to propel your career forward in all diverse fields.


Special Note: This is a mentorship program for 1 hour only. It's like an incredible demonstration of AI in digital marketing focussed on your career. In the actual AIDM full course of 10+ hours available from us at a special offer price (to be discussed after mentorship if you are interested to join), we will cover the following in that world-changing course:

  • Create websites in minutes using artificial intelligence website creation tools
  • Make high-end games like call of duty in a day using AI gaming tools
  • Write 2000 Blog articles in human written feel in 10 minutes using AI ML tools
  • Develop amazing apps without programming in 15 minutes time
  • Create 2D/3D brand promos and animated movies in the style of hollywood to skyrocket your brand engagement
  • Automate your entire digital marketing, SEO and SEM and funnels using AI tools
  • Develop affiliate marketing websites loaded with 100’s of products in merely minutes

Quick on AIDM Tech:

AI encompasses a large scope of technologies in digital marketing. AI tools helps to mimic human behavior and before a few years, AI was believed to be pure science fiction in the minds of marketers. But, now AI is science fact. This once futuristic technology is now implemented in almost every aspect of our lives. The use of AI in our digital marketing strategies is no different. Through leveraging it, you can create landing pages and websites in less than an hour's time, videos in minutes, graphics in seconds - believe it or not - it's mind-blowing technology and you'll realize this by attending the classes.

'How much time can you save if you are able to take up client projects and finish them in minutes with the best quality output?'

Let the tools and the machines take over and we'll teach you to create game-changing marketing products in a digital era.

If you are thinking of having a go at digital marketing and learning and mastering the craft, there’s no better time than now. Our training programs in "Artificial intelligence powered Digital Marketing" are the most engaging ones and we go a long way to help students by moulding them to the right track to take the action steps to aid in their career. The need for digital marketers is everywhere – which goes without saying that the industry offers plenty of opportunities that will help you grow career-wise. In plain words, Digital Marketing is booming and you are just one step away from choosing the right move to surge ahead in your career path.

Benefits of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

​Imagine a world where you spend less time deploying digital marketing campaigns, creating graphics for digital media, websites, apps & promotional videos, and more time reaching your ideal customers. We at 'First Look Digital Marketing Solutions' based in Bangalore are going to change the whole facet of current technology by bringing in new training and services powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to leverage for digital marketing automation. This just means that you can sit back, relax while we do all the automation for you and deliver things you would require at the quickest time possible using a system that speeds up tasks oriented by human effort decisively.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows you to test a variety of elements and variations instantaneously, making it easier to optimize the marketing process in a time efficient way. With every other billboard in our upcoming office talking about AI and machine learning, it appears like the time of Jarvis from Iron Man, Samantha from ‘Her’ and even the creepy ‘HAL’ from 2001 – a space odyssey may seem fast approaching and this is just the beginning.

You must experience this to believe it.

Are you ready to rock, folks?

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