Future 1.0 Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Ebook

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It’s time to think about where the digital marketing world is actually heading. The answer is quite simple and known to you - “Artificial Intelligence”. The power of Artificial Intelligence for digital marketing usage can be compared to a treasure-house of activities and it cannot be measured instantly, at all.

Today, the presence of "Artificial Intelligence”(AI) is common in almost every area - such as self-driving cars, machine learning, using your own personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa and others. In 2020, AI continues to take firm steps to become increasingly integral to our world. Digital marketing is indeed one of the most exciting applications for AI.

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing (AIDM) plays a role in making life simpler for business organisations that deploy marketing. One can rely on AI development resources and tools to simplify, cut costs, reduce manual labor etc. AI tools that function with neural networks are becoming more and more powerful. They aid in search and analysis of consumer behaviour with big data and information.

Despite all these incredible technologies, the Internet seemed like a source of confusion for many. Nevertheless, today sophisticated companies are using artificial intelligence to devise digital marketing plans. Some companies use AI to get at the top of their game or grow ahead by devising brilliant digital marketing strategies— and to maintain that level. AI can save companies from spending too much money on time-bound human resources. It can speed up tasks with minimal effort, reduce your spendings on manual labour - at the same time.

This book serves to be a brief insight or a very short compilation of 9 years of research that I conducted on Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing (AIDM). It will convey the guided method you can leverage to ‘Enter the Digital Marketing Universe with the Power of Artificial Intelligence’ with Future 1.0 techniques.

Nevertheless, AI is not just about chatbots and personal helpers or assistants. You can find various forms of artificial intelligence that enable digital marketers in the field to make increasingly brilliant strategic and marketing decisions. Working on digital marketing with Artificial Intelligence projects require great practice, according to the details and research available, as far as the current scenario is concerned.

Artificial intelligence is an amazing and grand asset for your company to simply work wonders. Using digital marketing tactics for AI will help brands offer enhanced customer experience and more efficiently market the brand. In addition, AI digital marketing will change the way we create brands and communicate with clients.

So, get ready for Lights. Camera. Action. with Marketing Legend “Srinidhi Ranganathan”.