Five Morsels of Love + Diaspora Turmeric

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A book of heirloom Andhra recipes with heirloom Andhra turmeric packaged in heirloom Andhra Ikat.

This collaboration with Diaspora Co. offers a limited edition run of sustainably farmed powdered turmeric along with the second edition of Five Morsels of Love. Diaspora Co. is a radically inclusive spice company that is putting money in the hands of Indian farmers. Their heirloom, single origin, all organic turmeric is grown in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh and has a very high curcumin content (the anti-inflammatory good stuff!)

We are very proud to be the first place in India to make Diaspora Co. turmeric available.

Each order includes
- The second edition of Five Morsels of Love
- 100g of Powdered Single Origin Diaspora Co. Turmeric in an Ikat Pouch

About Five Morsels of Love:

Five Morsels of Love is a collection of over 100 heirloom recipes based on G Nirmala Reddy’s 1974 South Indian cookbook Vanita Vanṭakālu. In Five Morsels of Love, Nirmala Reddy’s granddaughter Archana captures a cross-section of their family recipes along with anecdotal stories and narrative introducing the reader to the flavors of the South Indian state Andhra Pradesh. The cookbook has detailed, well-curated and tested recipes ranging from wholesome vegetarian curries to spicy chicken curries to fiery spice powders to flavorful biryanis to celebratory sweets and all day snacks. With stunning photographs, great design and soulful writing there is so much to love about this book!