Digital Marketing Tactics

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Digital Marketing Tactics PDf Ebook

*Index of the Ebook
1. Introduction
2. Digital Marketing - The Need for the Time
3. Universal Technique of digital marketing
4. Types of Digital Marketing
4.1. Website Marketing
1. How to make a website? Part-1
1.1 Importance of the Website
1.2 How should the website be?
1.3 What are the main components of the website?
1.4 How to choose a domain name for the website?
1.5 How To Buy Domain Names For Websites?
1.6 How to Buy Web Hosting for Websites?
1.7 How to setup WordPress website?
1.8 How to choose a theme ?

  1. How to make a website? Part-2
    2.1 How to add logos to the website
    2.2 How to create a page in the website
    2.3 How to write a blog post in the website
    2.4 How To Set Up the Website's Home Page
    2.5 How to create a menu in the website
    2.6 How to put pictures in the website
    2.7 How to video in the website
    2.8 How to put social buttons in website
    2.9 How to apply the form in website
    2.10 How to put Google Maps in the website

  2. How to make the website? Part-3
    3.1 How to put google analytics in the website
    3.2 How to integrate online chat in website

  3. How to make money through the website?
    4.1 How to advertise in the website
    4.2 Website Advertising Tips

4.2. Search Engine Optimization
4.2.1 On-Page Search Engine Optimization
4.2.2 Off-page search engine optimization

4.3 Local (local) digital marketing

4.4 e-mail marketing

4.5 Social media marketing

4.6 Digital Advertising

4.7 Mobile App Marketing

4.8 Affiliate marketing

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