Aam Artist Gallery (Unsigned and unsung work by the common street artists of India) by Mumbai Paused

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With 454 pages and 600+ images, this is no small digital photo book.

The Aam Artist Gallery by Mumbai Paused features the first of its kind gallery of the extraordinary, ordinary work on India's Aam Artists from the streets of India. That is why it required a slightly large book.

It could be seen as an insightful walk through our cities or it could be a ready source of reference or inspiration for you.

So what to expect as you slowly scroll down the pages of the Digital Photobook? Here is a peek into the contents page:

8 What is an Aam Artist?
14 Ordinary. Extra Ordinary
41 Everyday Art
45 Rangoli
63 Signatures
65 Design Devi Prasanna (Truck Art)
95 Bus Art
101 Hamams of Bangalore
106 Horses
107 Art in Motion
112 City Locomotion Art
123 Individuality and the Artist
140 Handwritten Type
158 Aam Indian Advertising
201 Creatures of the Creator
216 Silver Screen
220 Phata Poster, Nikla Artist
224 Women
250 Men
257 Power and Violence
262 Men and Emotions
272 Love
284 Politics
302 The Art of Worship
344 School
362 Aam Artist Materials
402 Art of the Oppressed
417 Market Display
433 Artist at Work