Matsyagandha - Low Tide Smells from the Island City by Mumbai Paused

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"This new photo book will mark the pitstops for a Mumbai olfactory tour"
- Sunday Midday, October 2018
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"Gopal MS evokes what’s intangible about the city in his new e-book ‘Matsyagandha’." -, 26/11/18

"The book is divided into several sections, including Bombay Duck, Food, Nostalgia, Textiles, Rivers and Monsoon. The images featured in it have been shot over a period of 10 years. Apart from the neighbourhoods of the city, Gopal also wanted to capture less obvious concepts like the smell of fear and sweat."

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About this book:

What’s the one smell that defines Mumbai for you?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and explore the many layers of Mumbai through its smells. Using photographs shot over a decade across Mumbai, smells become the gateway to the city. Mumbai Paused explores the many smells of the city to understand the city and its people.

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