Books for a cause

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With Love is extremely proud of our 1st international association with Sarjan Charity Foundation Hong Kong.

On Diwali night few months ago - Sarjan Charity dreamt of distributing text books to the underprivileged children in Maharashtra through their project ‘Books For A Purpose’

They approached our organization to be their research and logistics partners for all over Maharashtra state. This beautiful project aimed to reach out to underprivileged kids and distribute more than 15000 textbooks for the academic year 2017-2018. With Love was honoured to be associated with such a noble cause and we put in our best efforts in this endeavour. The project required months of research, many hours of stamping and exemplary team work.

Our associates Sarjan Charity Foundation-Hong Kong, have shown great faith in us and let us handle their dream project & sponsored the entire expenses of the project. The first distribution was done on 11/4/17. Four schools in Beed district in Maharashtra were targeted in Phase 1 of distribution. Beed is one of the 100 most backward districts in India. Its economic backwardness is attributed to lack of natural resources, frequent droughts, lack of infrastructure and corruption.

First school - Mohimata school, 149 students received 10th standard full syllabus.

Second school - Madhyamik school, 116 students received 10th standard full syllabus.

Third school - Rajmata school, 61 students received 10th standard full syllabus.

Forth school - ZP Tadsona, 60 students received 10th standard full syllabus.

Not only were the kids super happy to receive this help, but even the teachers were really appreciative and grateful. It was a heartfelt experience for each one of us.

Sponsors - Sarjan Charity Foundation - Hong Kong.

Research - Panama Foundation

Logistic - 'With love- For You' Charitable Foundation

After Beed, the foundation has now completed 3 schools on the outskirts of Saswad on 13/4/2017 by our team members & volunteers.