7 Habits of Highly Effective Buyers

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If you are buying real estate, then this book can save you Lakhs!

7 Habits of Highly Effective Buyers is the eBook which will Save you Millions of Rupees!

It will enable you the Ground-level knowledge of Buying Real Estate properties, Evaluating it for decision making.

Do you know how much you Save per year by Buying a house?
How to negotiate with builder on better deals?

The builders out there are Professionals who use Business & Marketing tactics to take your hard earned money. Beware to be Smarter than them!
- Do you know the Free Visit to Premises make them Sign an Inflated Deal?
- Do you know the Agreement made is more Advantageous to them?

If you are looking for a Rental Cash Flow properties:
- Do you know that Once a Tenant is Always a Tenant?
- If the Tenant takes you to court it will protect them from being Evicted
How to handle it?

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