7 Habits of Highly Effective Equity Investors

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This is a 10 Page book which on Implementing the Ideas can Save you Rs. 50000 on the First Year!
You will be given FREE Webinar Training also on Implementation. 10X ROI!!

7 Habits of Highly Effective Equity Investors is a Quick Habit Reference eBook compiled after we Interviewed Celebrity-Successful Rich Investors.

As you know, Only 5% People make money in stock market. The remaining are having wrong-habits through Noises in the market. So if you wanted to be successful, you have to follow the right-habits of successful investors.

For example Rule #5 says the Importance of Bear Market as a Wealth Amplifying arena where the Celebrity Investors will be buying more stocks. They are right-tuned to see the Value and not the Price! From the March 2020 crash you can see we were able to generate 50% returns in a Finance stock by buying at the bear bottom!

The book is created in a Short & Effective manner so that you can use it as a Reference every year to make sure you are in the Right Rails of a Equity Investor!

This book also provides access to all the Habit Wallpapers to give you a Mind Programming method.

Note: This book is free with the Premium Subscription Plan.

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