Brainstorming Microsoft Excel

₹ 10,000

No matter how many years you worked or how many reports you create, Excel has hundreds of pain areas where we stuck while working on data. There must be a systematic learning path to master the pain areas in Excel. Brainstorming Microsoft Excel is the systematic learning path where we will overcome all those painful scenarios in Excel

In this course, we will discuss the 100+ tough scenarios that we face while working on Excel Data. These scenarios are collected from my 500+ clients and are the most common Interview Questions that are being asked in the Interview.

This course will develop your logical & analytical mind. We will be more focused on problem-solving using Excel. It will help you to develop logic in Excel quickly. The Game Changer for Excel today is how quickly you build the logic and solve a problem.

This course will show you a systematic approach to breaking all the problems into meaningful functions and combining those functions to achieve the desired result.

I have listed the brief agenda of the training below:

✅ Convert problems into logic
✅ Nested Wild Card Calculations
✅ Advanced Lookups Scenarios
✅ Nested Conditional Calculations
✅ Complex Array Formulas
✅ Complex Text Extraction in Excel
✅ Lookup Multiple Data Sets
✅ Case Sensitive Conditional Calculation
✅ Combine Multiple Data Types
✅ Data Extraction from Date & Time
✅ Working on Conditional Date & Time Calculations
✅ Lookups on Garbage Data
✅ Perform Dynamic Slab Based Calculation - Income Tax
✅ Conditional Formatting on Nested Criteria
✅ Perform Advanced Top & Bottom Calculations on Mixed Data
✅ Creating Custom Collection with Arrays
✅ Working on Data with Random Scenarios
✅ Conditional Complex Count Scenarios
✅ Conditional Advanced Grade Calculation
✅ Nested IF with AND, OR, NOT
✅ Master Date Analytics Formulas
✅ Aggregating Alphanumeric Data
✅ Conditional Formatting Pattern Calculations
✅ Calendar & Fiscal year Calculation
✅ Date add, subtract and advanced calculation
✅ Login & Logout Calculation Scenarios
✅ Conditional Rank Calculation from Mix Data Sets
✅ Identifying advanced Repetition & Duplication
✅ Create Bonus Calculations with Nested Formulas
✅ Array Formulas with Date & Time Combination
✅ Performing Calculations on Merge Data
✅ Mastering VLOOKUP with TRUE Parameter
✅ VLOOKUP All Records in a Data
✅ VLOOKUP nth Record based on a criteria
✅ Filter based on complex & customized criteria
✅ Highlight actual duplicated data
✅ Attendance Tracking Calculations
✅ Integrating Data Validation with Conditional Formatting
✅ Master INDIRECT Function
✅ Working on advanced arrays with SUMPRODUCT Function
✅ Integrating Lookup Functions with Series
✅ Advanced Filter every nth record
✅ advanced Find Replace with SEARCH & SUBSTITUTE
✅ Combining multiple Arrays
✅ Mastering Dynamic Range with OFFSET Function
✅ Automating Serial Numbers - ANYWHERE
✅ EVEN & ODD Calculations in Excel
✅ Weekend calculations
✅ Blank Cells Restriction
✅ Advanced restriction with Data Validation
✅ Working on Calls Data
✅ Master List Mismatch Calculation
✅ Complex LEFT, MID, RIGHT Scenarios
✅ Data Consolidation Scenarios
✅ Consolidation wing Name Manager & INDIRECT
✅ Lookup Multiple Data Sets
✅ Create Dynamic Range with ADDRESS & INDIRECT
✅ Advanced 3D Formulas
✅ Integration of Form Controls with Excel Calculation
✅ Toggling Restricted Formulas
✅ Data Conversion in Excel
✅ Master Ageing Calculation
✅ Integrating Excel Formulas to create Project Timelines
✅ Time Conversions in Excel
✅ Switching Range in Formulas
✅ Calculation between 2 Dynamic Range
✅ Working with Nested Dynamic Arrays

I have designed this course based on my years of working as an Excel Consultant. This is highly beneficial for freshers to professionals who are looking for a great problem-solving approach in Excel. For aspirants who want to start with a great profile such as Reporting Analyst, Data Analyst, MIS Analyst, or Business Analyst as a fresher this course is highly recommended.

As it is a certification course, therefore participants will get the Course Completion Certificate (Soft Copy) after the training.

My brief profile:

An MCA Professional and a Microsoft Certified Microsoft Office Specialist working as a Chief Mentor and currently heading Future in Hands. I worked with Top corporates like Mphasis, and Motherson Group with 15+ years of industry exposure. I have received several Best Trainer Awards from corporates for Microsoft Office-based workshops. I facilitated 98000+ professionals from 500+ companies like Taj Group, ICAI, British Council, BSI, NIIT, IndiaMart, MetLife, Mahindra and lots more from Executive level to Sr. Management. Learners say my sessions are like magic shows.

You can also refer to my LinkedIn profile.

Once you make the investment, you will be getting an Email and WhatsApp from our team containing the link and credentials to attend this training. You can attend this live training from anywhere and any of your devices - Computer, Smartphone, Tablet.

You should not miss this Game Changer Training. Eventually, your BOSS will become your FAN.

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