Excel Pivot Table - Capsule Training

₹ 2,500

Are you struggling and spending too much time on Analyzing Data Or you don't have enough Data Analysis skills as your friends and colleagues have?

Then, I invite you to my Capsule Training on Excel Pivot Table where you are going to learn to work on Data Analysis that you never did before.

Pivot Table - the most powerful Analytics tool of Excel ever made. This training will allow you to dig deep into your company’s data and answer complex questions with only a few mouse clicks.

Knowing Pivot Table will transform you to Data Analyst in your office and I'll do my best to make this painless, but you might need to get a capsule. 💊💊

Learn to analyze vast amounts of data, create useful reports, and impress top management or prospective employers.

Most of us know Excel Pivot Tables and only have a grasp on the basics. Initially in this course, you will likely surpass the knowledge and by the end of the course you will be master even some of the most complex aspects of Pivot Tables.

Throughout the course, you can follow along with the numerous concise examples that illustrate the power and features of Pivot Tables using the included worksheets.

The topics that we are going to cover in this training are:

💡 Pivot Table for Infants - View your Treatments
💡 Pivot Report Layout - Meet your Clinic
💡 Changing Indent Level in Compact View
💡 Pivot Table Dynamic Range
💡 Working on Classic Pivot Table
💡 Walkthrough Pivot Table Reports and Calculations
💡 Counting Distinct Records
💡 Customize Report Filter Area
💡 Handling Blank Cells in Pivot Table
💡 Preserving Formatting and Column Widths on Refresh
💡 Merging Labels in Pivot Table
💡 Refreshing Pivot Table - The Manual Approach
💡 Refreshing Pivot Table - The Permanent Treatment
💡 Working on Slabs
💡 Create New Column missing in Data - The Pain Giver
💡 Customized Sorting in Pivot Table
💡 Move Values to ROW - The Magical Transpose
💡 Pivot Table from Multiple Tables
💡 Handling Large Data - The Secret Mission
💡 Changing Multiple Filter in a Click
💡 Exploring Slicers and Timelines
💡 Removing Source Data - OOPS Moment
💡 Pivot Table Formulas - Calculated Field
💡 Working with Named Sets - No If, No But, Only Pivot
💡 Lookup Data from Pivot Table - The GETPIVOTDATA
💡 Consolidate Data from Multiple Worksheets
💡 Split Data into Multiple Worksheets - Vaccination for Lazy People
💡 Working on Dynamic Dashboards
💡 Create Customized View - OMG Format
💡 Challenges in Pivot Table - What Next?

By the end of the session, you will be more confident on Excel Pivot Table. Capsule training is designed to give you in-depth knowledge of topics. As the name.. So its effect.

As it is a certification course, therefore participants will get the Course Completion Certificate (Soft Copy) after the training.

My brief profile:

An MCA Professional and a Microsoft Certified Microsoft Office Specialist working as a Chief Mentor and currently heading Future in Hands. I worked with the Top corporates like Mphasis, Motherson Group with 15+ years of industry exposure. I have received several Best Trainer Awards from corporates for Microsoft Office based workshops. I facilitated 98000+ professionals from 500+ companies like Taj Group, ICAI, British Council, BSI, NIIT, IndiaMart, MetLife, Mahindra and lots more from Executive level to Sr. Management. Learners says my sessions are like magic shows.

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So, if you are serious about being a master in Excel, then you should not miss this capsule training. Eventually, your BOSS will become your FAN.

In case of any queries, please contact me @ +918744007662.

See you at the training!

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