Excel VBA Programming Masterclass

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Often people who are skilled with spreadsheets shy away from learning Visual Basic for Applications. Microsoft Excel carries a lot of built-in functionality so they don’t feel the need to learn core programming. In fact, there are a number of reasons to get comfortable with writing macros in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Stretch your software dollar further by using all the features of Excel. If you aren’t using Visual Basic for Applications, Excel is just half an application. It’s a bit like buying a car but making only right turns. Learning to write your own macros opens up a world of functionality. You are no longer limited by built-in functions. You can now write your own and have them do nearly anything you want.

Get Your Work Done Faster after this Training. When you first learn Visual Basic for Applications, Excel built-in functions might seem like a faster way to do things. Puzzling out program structure and getting results to come out right takes longer than using quick and dirty shortcuts on the spreadsheet.

With time, your VBA programming skills will improve and you will create your custom functions faster. Although it takes extra time to create the function upfront, it will save time every time you use it. Soon you will have a standard library of self-created functions that you can easily add to every spreadsheet you make.

Don’t be discouraged. It can take months to become proficient with Macros, but once you are comfortable with it, you will be glad you took the time to learn.

I have designed this course based on my 15+ Years of experience in VBA Automation. This is highly beneficial from freshers to professionals who are looking for a great career in Automation. Aspirants who want to start with a great profile such as Reporting Analyst, Data Analyst, MIS Analyst, Business Analyst as a fresher this course is highly recommended.

The details contents of this training are available here: Excel VBA Programming Masterclass.

The comprehensive training will give you in-depth knowledge of VBA Programming. I promise you will love this session and make you ROCKSTAR in Excel Automation.

As it is a certification course, therefore participants will get the Course Completion Certificate (Soft Copy) after the training.

My brief profile:

An MCA Professional and a Microsoft Certified Microsoft Office Specialist working as a Chief Mentor and currently heading Future in Hands. I worked with the Top corporates like Mphasis, Motherson Group with 15+ years of industry exposure. I have received several Best Trainer Awards from corporates for Microsoft Office based workshops. I facilitated 98000+ professionals from 500+ companies like Taj Group, ICAI, British Council, BSI, NIIT, IndiaMart, MetLife, Mahindra and lots more from Executive level to Sr. Management. Learners says my sessions are like magic shows.

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Once you make the investment, our team will get in touch with you the link and credentials to attend this training. You can attend this live training from anywhere and any of your device - Computer, Smartphone, Tablet.

So, if you are serious about being a master in VBA, then you should not miss this Masterclass training. Eventually, your BOSS will become your FAN.

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See you at the training!

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