Microsoft Power BI Masterclass

₹ 11,000

No matter how many systems a company has, how big they are, or how many millions of dollars have been spent on them, the reality is that the majority of data is exported to Excel before decisions of serious consequence are made.

I’d go so far as to say that there are only a handful of finance departments in the world who don’t run their critical decision making analysis through Excel.

With the increasingly diverse power toolset being added to Excel to increase its POWER:

🟢 Power Query to source and clean data from disparate dirty sources
🟢 Power Pivot to aggregate those disparate sources into business intelligence models
🟢 Power View to create dynamic dashboards from those models
🟢 Power Map to tell the data story on a geo-spatial plane

And finally the combination of all these four tools - The standalone application Microsoft Power BI

It’s very clear that Microsoft is investing heavily to make this the most powerful Business Intelligence tool of choice.

The killer for Excel today is not the fact that it isn’t the best out there for building business intelligence, it is the fact that far too many users are ignorant of the vast amount of capability that was added in the last five years. The attitude of “Excel can’t do that” is still pervasive and relied upon by its competitors to sell THEIR products.

My advice to anyone looking at building business intelligence systems today and considering switching to a competitor’s product: find a business intelligence expert who REALLY uses Excel. Ask them what can be done. Chances are you already own the software that will do it all, you’re just not aware of how.

I have listed the brief agenda of the training below:

✅ Concept of BIG Data?
✅ How to handle BIG DATA in Excel?
✅ How to perform instant report clean-up Intelligently?
✅ How to transform simple CSV to Interactive Dashboard and share online?
✅ How to create interactive dashboard and share online from SQL Tables?
✅ How to safe handle large data sets?
✅ How to analyze and create 3D Animated map with the Geographical Data?
✅ How to consolidate multiple text files within few clicks?
✅ How to perform miraculous data clean-up within short span of time?
✅ How to consolidate multiple excel files and folders and retrieve new files automatically?
✅ How to use pictures in Excel reports?
✅ How to fetch data from public repository such as Wikipedia?
✅ How to create 12 Pie Charts in 1 second?
✅ How to combine multiple Excel sheets into one sheet without any programming?
✅ How to Analyze Web Data?
✅ How to Create Score cards smartly?
✅ How to work with KPIs in Excel?
✅ How to establish Data Relationship in Excel?
✅ How to use M Language for Advanced Excel Reporting?
✅ How to use DAX – Data Analysis Expression?
✅ How to integrate multiple data source and create Analytics dashboard?
✅ How to integrate 4 Power Tools in Power BI?
✅ How to use Power BI Desktop?
✅ How to use Power BI Online?
✅ How to work with Power BI efficiently?
✅ How to get answer to your questions from the data in Power BI?
✅ How to Share Dynamic Dashboards in Power BI?
✅ More…

I have designed this Masterclass based on my 15+ Years of experience in Reporting & Analytics. This is highly beneficial from freshers to professionals who are looking for a great career in Analytics. Aspirants who want to start with a great profile such as Reporting Analyst, Data Analyst, MIS Analyst, Business Analyst as a fresher this course is highly recommended.

The comprehensive training will give you in-depth knowledge of Power BI Tools. I promise you will love this session and make you ROCKSTAR in Power BI.

As it is a certification course, therefore participants will get the Course Completion Certificate (Soft Copy) after the training.

My brief profile:

An MCA Professional and a Microsoft Certified Microsoft Office Specialist working as a Chief Mentor and currently heading Future in Hands. I worked with the Top corporates like Mphasis, Motherson Group with 15+ years of industry exposure. I have received several Best Trainer Awards from corporates for Microsoft Office based workshops. I facilitated 95000+ professionals from 500+ companies like Taj Group, ICAI, British Council, BSI, NIIT, IndiaMart, MetLife, Mahindra and lots more from Executive level to Sr. Management. Learners says my sessions are like magic shows.

You can also refer to my LinkedIn profile.

Once you make the investment, you will be getting an Email and WhatsApp from our team containing the link and credentials to attend this training. You can attend this live training from anywhere and any of your device - Computer, Smartphone, Tablet.

So, if you are serious about being a master in Microsoft Power BI Tools, then you should not miss this Masterclass training. Eventually, your BOSS will become your FAN.

In case of any queries, please contact me @ +918744007662.

See you at the training!

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