VBA Brain Breakers

₹ 13,000

After a overwhelming response from the past batches of our Signature Training - VBA Brain Breakers, now we are going to start our next batch of this life-changing Training.

VBA Brain Breakers training is a complete advanced level automation on VBA Programming that will focus on the automation of the real world scenarios. During the training we will also develop multiple Projects that will help the candidates to gain more confidence on the subject. This training will transform you to VBA Developer. We have received overwhelming response from the earlier batches of this training.

The eligible participants will also get chance to work on our Live VBA Projects.

I invite you to my VBA Brain Breakers Training where you are going to learn extreme level of VBA Automation.

This is a comprehensive training that covers high class VBA Coding Standards, Advanced Innovations, Creative Development techniques and more.

✅ How to create Excel based ROBOTS❓
✅ How to integrate Gmail or other mail client in VBA❓
✅ How to integrate with Notepad❓
✅ How to create task logs in Notepad❓
✅ How to work with Special Triggers in Excel❓
✅ How to create Advanced Outlook Integration in Excel❓
✅ How to create Advanced Data Search System in Excel❓
✅ How to send SMS from excel using web API❓
✅ How to Integrate with windows scheduler to schedule VBA based tasks❓
✅ How to create Login window for an Excel file❓
✅ How to fetch data from Web Server❓
✅ How to create our own functions category like Logical, Text❓
✅ How to work with Images in VBA❓
✅ How to create Progress bar for our VBA Projects❓
✅ How to work with Advanced Signaling System in VBA❓
✅ How to customize Status Bar❓
✅ How to create arguments based Subroutine❓
✅ How to work with Advance User Forms❓
✅ How to work with Windows Registry Management System❓
✅ How to extract Data from Word Tables to Excel Tables❓
✅ How to create Configuration.ini file for our VBA Projects❓
✅ How to create Popup Menu in Excel❓
✅ How to create our own Right Click Menu❓
✅ How to create collection to store temporary records❓
✅ How to deal with files and folders smartly❓
✅ How to deal with Special Folders❓
✅ How to use User Environment to integrate dynamic location❓
✅ How to control keyboard click using VBA❓
✅ How to create interactive drag and drop data controls❓
✅ How to integrate Word from Excel❓
✅ How to integrate PowerPoint from Excel❓
✅ How to work with File System Objects in Excel❓
✅ Lots More...


🔵 Bulk Rename System
🔵 Online Survey
🔵 Develop MS Office based Robotics System
🔵 Outlook Task Management System
🔵 Automated Backup System

By the time you are done, you'll have great confidence on developing advanced & impressive Reporting Systems.

I have designed this course based on my 12+ Years of experience in Advanced VBA Product Development. This is highly beneficial for everybody.

As it is a certification course, therefore participants will get the Course Completion Certificate (Soft Copy) after the training.

My brief profile:
I am an MCA professional and currently heading Future in Hands. With a rich industry exposure in the Reporting, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Automation, I have facilitated 99000+ professionals from 500+ top companies.

You can also refer to my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vivekanandasinha/

So, if you are serious about being a master in VBA Automation, then you should not miss this Masterclass training. Eventually, your BOSS will become your FAN.

In case of any queries, please contact Me @ +918744007662.

See you at the training!

If you cannot change the way you learn, how can you change the way you earn?

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