Algorithms (Ravindrababu |Ravula Video Lectures GATE CSE Handwritten Notes)

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Algorithms happen to be a rough task in most cases especially in exams like GATE, and other Computer Science Engineering Exams. It is also an important topic as it covers the weightage of 5-6 marks. However, Algorithm is also the most scoring section, you just have to know the tricks to practice religiously.

These notes are very nicely written in good handwriting to help students easily grasp the concept and become able to solve the GATE problems. Notes contain theory, concepts, and solved examples wherever necessary.

Topic Covered:
  1. Searching, sorting, hashing
  2. Asymptotic worst-case time and space complexity
  3. Algorithm design techniques: greedy, dynamic programming and divide‐and‐conquer
  4. Graph search, minimum spanning trees, shortest paths

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