Analog Electronics + Power Systems(Made Easy Class Room Note)

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Analog Electronics: Characteristics of diodes, BJT, MOSFET; Simple diode circuits: clipping, clamping, rectifiers; Amplifiers: Biasing, Equivalent circuit and Frequency response.Oscillators and Feedback amplifiers; Operational amplifiers: Characteristics and applications; Simple active filters, VCOs and Timers, Schmitt trigger.

Power Systems : Power generation concepts, ac and dc transmission concepts, Models and performance of transmission lines and cables, Series and shunt compensation, Electric field distribution and insulators, Distribution systems, Voltage and Frequency control, Power factor correction, Principles of over‐current, differential and distance protection; Circuit breakers.Per‐unit quantities, Bus admittance matrix, GaussSeidel and Newton-Raphson load flow methods, Symmetrical components, Symmetrical and unsymmetrical fault analysis, System stability concepts, Equal area criterion.
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