Computer Organization and Architecture (Ravindrababu |Ravula Video Lectures GATE CSE Handwritten Notes)

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COA includes Machine instructions and addressing modes, ALU, Data‐path, and control unit, instruction pipelining, Memory hierarchy: cache, Main memory, Secondary storage, and I/O interface (Interrupt and DMA mode) with a weightage of 6-9 marks.

These notes are very nicely written in good handwriting to help students easily grasp the concept and become able to solve the GATE problems. Notes contain theory, concepts, and solved examples wherever necessary.

Topic Covered:
  1. Machine instructions and addressing modes
  2. ALU, data‐path and control unit
  3. Instruction pipelining
  4. Memory hierarchy: cache, main memory and secondary storage
  5. I/O interface (Interrupt and DMA mode)

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