Soil Mechanics(Made Easy class room handwritten notes)

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These notes have been taken from various students and teachers of prestigious institutes & carefully compiled to make the best notes for GATE preparation. These notes are very nicely written in good handwriting to help student easily grasp the concept and become able to solve the Gate problems.

Topic covered: Origin of soils, soil structure and fabric; Three-phase system and phase
relationships, index properties; Unified and Indian standard soil classification system;
Permeability - one dimensional flow, Darcy’s law; Seepage through soils - two-dimensional
flow, flow nets, uplift pressure, piping; Principle of effective stress, capillarity, seepage
force and quicksand condition; Compaction in laboratory and field conditions; Onedimensional consolidation, time rate of consolidation; Mohr’s circle, stress paths, effective
and total shear strength parameters, characteristics of clays and sand.