Book: Untold Vedic Astrology

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Vedic Astrology is an advanced science. It is based on many principles in quantum physics. This book connects common ideas between quantum physics and Vedic Astrology. This will help astrologers to understand key principles better and help them apply those with confidence.

The book connects Vedic astrology with

  1.  Triune brain theory
  2.  Multiple intelligence theory
  3.  Quantum physics
  4.  Fetus development
  5.  Body clock
  6.  Modern astronomy

It also explains

  1.  Important principles for analysis
  2.  Building blocks of Vedic astrology
  3.  How significations of houses and signs were decided
  4.  9 various states of planets
  5.  Planetary war, conjunction and associaltion of planets
  6.  How to analyse Rahu and Kethu

And much more