Illuminating Lives With Yoga

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Illuminating Lives with Yoga is a practical guide to health and natural healing. This book has over 340 colour photographs, illustrating asanas and pranayama, for the beginners and experienced practitioners with easy to follow steps, guidelines, cautions, tips and therapeutic benefits.

The chapter on yogic healing provides vivid illustrations, with simple lifestyle changes that help prevent disease and promote healing. This chapter addresses thirteen common ailments such as acidity and ulcers, asthma and bronchitis, back pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, knee pain, migraine and tension headaches, depression, insomnia, neck pain, cervical spondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder and tennis elbow.

The chapter on food describes sattvic, rajasic and tamasic diet, explains the tenets of yogic diet and provides guidelines for cultivating healthy eating habits.