A Day on Ginny's Planet [Edition 3]: 30 May, 9 am-9 pm

  • Start Date: May 30, 2021, 9 a.m.
  • End Date: May 30, 2021, 9 p.m.
  • Venue: This is a virtual event. The link to join the event will be shared with you.
₹ 1,000

Know more about A day on Ginny's Planet on our website https://www.ginnysplanet.com/a-day-on-ginnys-planet/

For International Payments: You have the option of 'International Payments' via this site. Paypal Link option works well. In case you face problems, please let us know <contact@ginnysplanet.com>

We have 15 events! Join any event or as many events by paying Rs. 1000. This is the cost for the Whole Day Pass/Ticket!

For Bulk Bookings : If you have opted for Bulk bookings, we will share a Form where you can fill in details of all the participants

For children below 10 years: Same ticket is applicable for child and accompanying parent/guardian. Hence you can buy 1 ticket to come along with a child who is below 10 yrs of age. As a parent, you can participate alone in the workshops meant for grownups.

What will happen in 'A Day on Ginny's Planet'

This will be an online event with capsules of several workshops that we do! 30-60 minutes of events will be led by various volunteers and resource persons of Ginny's Planet. From music, doll making, making stuff from things at home, story telling, art, making things from scrap, practicing empathy, ...and much more! No matter what age you are, you and your children can choose to join any of the sessions you want. You will enjoy it!

SCHEDULE (ALL TIMINGS IN IST): Will be announced in 2 weeks. But you can check previous editions here: https://www.ginnysplanet.com/a-day-on-ginnys-planet/

Since we began in 2019, we have been on a rollercoaster ride! It is exciting, challenging, has its ups and downs. Most of all, it is meaningful and fun only when people like you join us on the ride! Our doll Ginny has reached several homes
Till now, we have reached 2800+ people, done 140+ workshops with people across age groups, engaged directly with 500+ children, partnered with 13+ social enterprises, and offered free/sponsored as well as revenue generating services and products. We have launched 10 different kinds of workshop series and continue to design more!

We are committed to providing inclusive services. This requires availability of resources like tactile books/games, and people such as sign language interpreters, and so on. It is tough to cover the costs for these without charging a high amount from users. Rs. 3000 per day is the minimum that would go to sign language interpreters. To cover such costs while offering inclusive services and spaces, we organize this fundraiser event: A day on Ginny's Planet!

What is the purpose of Whole Day Pass

The whole day booking allows to you join for any number of events that take place in the day. You can book 5 spots per order
We may ask for your preferences closer to the event so that the lead facilitators also know who all will be joining them. Some events will have very few spots to keep the workshop engaging. Hence, don't be late in choosing your spots when you get an email from us!

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