Make your own Sock Puppets & Theatre!: How we did it in our workshop

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Ginny is a girl who loves to explore, plays football, loves the rain and many other things! She has a radial club hand and wears spectacles. Guess what? You can make the Ginny Puppet & her friends!

"Make your own Ginny Story" workshops are 90 minutes of fun and creativity. In these 90 minutes, you make Ginny and her friends, learn steps to think of stories out of imagination! Check our online shop to book future workshops!

In this illustrated document, you will see the steps to Make your own Ginny & her Puppet Pals and Theatre. Try it! Things you need to make the Puppets & Theatre:

  1. 2-4 old socks (preferably light coloured)
  2. sketch pens or coloured markers
  3. a large shoe box or any cardboard box
  4. white sheets of paper or drawing book.
  5. used paper/old newspaper
  6. scissors
  7. fabric glue or fevicol
  8. 2-6 rubber bands
  9. buttons (optional)
  10. coloured paper (optional)

Ginny doll is also available on this online store if you want to buy one

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