Making Maps of Ginny's Planet: Steps to conduct a Drawing Workshop for 4-8 yr old children

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Ginny is a girl who loves to explore, plays football, loves the rain and many other things. She has a radial club hand and wears spectacles. Nobody feels odd one out on her Planet- Ginny's Planet! You can build your own stories with Ginny while helping children learn Map-making!

"Draw your own Ginny Story" workshops are 90 minutes of fun and creativity by Rajasee Ray. Rajasee conducted an online workshop on 21 Nov for 4-8 year olds. This was about "Making Maps of Ginny's Planet"!

In this illustrated document, you will see the steps to conduct a workshop on 'Making Maps' with 4-8 year olds . Try it! This method can also be used to explore the world of children and their everyday life.

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