My Empathy Bag

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₹ 849

“My Empathy Bag” is a collection of five different hand made products, along with activities to nurture empathy among children, reusable face masks and a discount coupon for our workshop. With every bag you buy- you will provide an opportunity to contribute to the solution of a social problem or an opportunity for positive social change. Each product in the bag is handcrafted with love by people associated with diverse social enterprises.
My Empathy Bag contains the following products:
• Ginny Magnet (Worth INR 250/-): Ginny, a girl with radial club hand and vision problems, helps you spread respect for diversity. Know more about Ginny here:
• Children Book- Where is my Kenk? (Worth INR 200/-): This is Ginny's story!
• Eco-Friendly Newspaper seed pencil set (Worth INR 80/- & plants really grow from the seeds)
• Hand made bag (Worth INR 200/-). The bags are available in different colors and design. We will randomly choose which color goes to you.
• Activities to nurture empathy among children (Worth INR 300/-)
• Reusable face masks: 1 for child and 1 for an adult (Worth INR 100/-)

Empathy makes you a kind leader, an understanding friend, a caring team member, and a lot more. Ginny's Planet offers products and opportunities to nurture empathy among children. 'My Empathy Bag' is one among these. Through our products, we hope to build a network of aware, empathic, and diversity respecting people.
Add our workshop on Practicing Empathy if you want to add value to a child's life! Check it here: