Monsoon Mela on Ginny's Planet: Stories, Workshops & More for Children & Grownups!

  • Start Date: July 24, 2021, 3 p.m.
  • End Date: July 24, 2021, 7:30 p.m.
  • Venue: This is a virtual event. The link to join the event will be shared with you.
Min ₹ 300

Jump into #GinnysMuddlePuddle

It is the Monsoon Season in India! And Ginny Loves Rain, Puddles, Umbrellas, and everything associated with this season!
We are bringing you a series of workshops & events for children as well as adults!
Join us to immerse in the world of Ginny where nobody is odd-one-out & where being different is OKAY!

*Fee Rs. 300 for per event or Rs. 500 for the Mela Pass! You can join 1 session or all with the Pass!

Coming up! Schedule Evolving

24 July|3 pm-7:30 pm IST | For Children & Adults |

3-3:45 pm IST: Understanding Disability as Diversity: A Capsule Workshop by Dr. Shweta Verma, with Sonia & Himanshi

4-4:45 pm IST: Baarish, dosti aur Ginny: A Workshop With Medha & Mubin . Let’s play puppets and sing a story when rain falls chham chham Bring Along: A4 sheets - 2; Sketch pens/ colur pencils; Pencil; Scissors; Glue/ fevicol; Bottle cap( pepsi, bisleri bottle cap will do)

5-6 pm IST: Paint a Story with Paper: A workshop With Poulomi . Bring Along: White sheets, Newspaper, Glue, Scissors Colors (crayons, pencils, sketch pens)

6-6:30 pm IST: Caring for Dogs & Puppies: Tips from Apurva & Zaved, Daryai Ghoda

6:30-7 pm IST: सतरंगी बारिश Ginny's Story by Astha

7-7:30 pm IST: Ginny's Muddy Fudgy Baking Workshop with Ambili This can be made in a cooker as well. Bring Along 1 cup maida; 1 cup sugar; 1 cup dark chocolate; 100 gm butter; 2 eggs; 1 teaspoon vanilla essence; 8 inch pan preferably square; Sugar to be powdered; Chocolate to be chopped; Hand whisk; 2 bowls; 1 spatula

Jump into #GinnysMuddlePuddle

You will meet

Ginny: She is the lead character in stories of Ginny's Planet! You will meet her Doll version and hear about her! Know more about her HERE

Shweta: She is part of the team that created Ginny and Ginny's Planet! With the help of children, she is building a world where being different is okay and nobody is considered to be "odd-one-out' on the basis of being different.

Sonia is a co-trainer at Ginny's Planet. She holds MA degree in Hindi. She likes reading in Hindi novels, music, cooking and going out with friends.

Himanshi works as an HR Professional in Delhi. She leads a Social Media initiative : Decode Disability. Himanshi walks differently because of the condition, Cerebral Palsy that she was born with.

Medha: She is 20 years old and a trainee at pragati towards livelihood under Biswa Gouri Charitable Trust, Bangalore.
Medha loves to make landscapes and likes to sing. She is skilled in computer and culinary skills. She carries a smile on her face and spreads happiness around her.

Mubeen : She is the head of the creative-arts units at Pragati Towards Livelihood. She’s worked in the space of intervention for children and young adults with autism for the last 13 years. Mubeen is a trained ABT (Art-based therapy practitioner) and a master of many skills. Together with Rishabh, she will facilitate the session.

Poulomi is someone who is constantly trying to discover self through making, of art be it through doodling, origami folding, painting or dolls. She believes that 'making' can make you more aware of things otherwise unseen, connect you more to the world around. Art as healing tool or a tool for discovery is something Poulomi is exploring and learning. Poulomi has worked with women and gender and intersectionality are her key areas of interest and experience. Currently, she is part of an organisation working with people with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) leading the livelihoods initiatives for adults with autism. See her creations & conversations HERE

Apurva and Zaved : Co-Founders- Daryai Ghoda - An NGO for supporting vulnerable creatures and co-existence
Apurva - Hailing from Delhi, Apurva has been working as a social development professional for 10 years. Mainly having worked in the space of child rights and protection, she also has experience working on women's issues and homelessness. She feels immensely for these causes and strives to develop her understanding on these issues. An avid animal lover, she has volunteered with organizations working on rescue and rehabilitation of animals in distress and is also a parent to two rescued Indie dogs.

Zaved - Zaved is a qualified social work professional with 18 years of work, especially with street children and vulnerable communities. Since year 2017, Zaved is working as an independent consultant with Apurva Singh (also spouse!), undertaking assignments for several development agencies. Zaved is a native of Assam. He is passionate about work related to child rights/ human rights, playing football and tennis, cooking food, travelling, rock music and wildlife!

Astha: Content writing is her profession and storytelling is her passion. She loves music, reading and baatein karna! Her journey with storytelling started with her daughter when she started telling her social stories and daily life skills through stories.

Ambili : A mom, Living in Oman, Certified Montessori trainer, & passionate Baker! Self-learned, she has been baking for the last 13 year. She is famous in her circle for her cakes, breads, and pizzas. She believes passion is what whisks you to your wish. Check out her amazing baking HERE

Ginny's Planet is a startup and a social enterprise. We are building a world where being different is okay! And where nobody is considered to be the odd one out.

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