Irresistible Stock Market Architecture 2.0

Min ₹ 54,000

The main objective of our course is to make your trading and investments profitable. Capital markets are not risky; they are just volatile. The topics and theories taught in the program will be an eye-opener for you.

After Completing the Course you will be :–
• Able to Multiply your Investments
• Create Wealth through Stocks
• A Successful Trader (Intraday and Positional)
• Create an Income through Trading and Investments
• Choose Which Company to Buy, When to Buy, When to Sell
• Your Performance Analysis
• Portfolio Risk Management
• Know Your Career Path in this Field
Every topic will be taught in simple terms so that even participants from non-financial backgrounds can easily understand.

We will not feed you the fish, we will teach you how to fish

PLEASE NOTE: This course is valid for 3 months. Rs.5,100 will be charged to extend the course for another 3 months. You can opt for the 3 month extension right now by paying just Rs.1899.